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Dwarf Fortress was released on August 24, 2006.

Fixed a couple more crashes and various other errors (see the change log).

Genders are mixed on starting animals now and horses should breed. The unit screen will show some other designations beside "No Job" and there it will distinguish merchants and diplomats. Water should flow into the cliff face now, at least from new channels.

You can give your units nicknames and profession names now. Do this from the [vpz] profile using [y] to customize them. In adventure mode, you do it from the [l]ook + [enter] status view (again [y] to customize). The [y] command appears onscreen.

Some tantrum issues were fixed. Placing artifact furniture was actually making them unhappier. Fist fights and beatings still led to a minor version of the civil war bug. These issues have been resolved.

The "Shift + R Menu" instead of "n" for the N key has been resolved, though you might need to clean up your old files a bit if you are important old ones.

You can toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode using F11 (or whatever key you bind) whenever you like now. Let me know what problems come up with this. I haven't handled direct minimization from fullscreen, but you can toggle and minimize from the windowed mode. You can also get rid of the "fullscreen?" box that pops up the beginning in "data\init\init.txt" now.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • added the likes "bin" plural
  • made resident-named creatures historical figures
  • made outdoor seeds default to cook
  • added some text aside from "No Job" depending on unit type
  • broke up the "Friendly" designation a bit
  • mixed genders on starting animals
  • allowed horse breeding
  • did lava/magma distinction based on cliff face
  • allowed water to flow into the cliff face
  • added nicknames and customizeable profession names
  • changed how key bindings were saved and loaded to cut out the Shift + R Menu display strings
  • added ability to toggle between windowed/fullscreen modes
  • added init option to turn off window/fullscreen prompt

Crash fixes[edit]

  • fixed a crash bug with placing channels/farmplots
  • unchaining animals crashed the game if the economy had started

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed problem with small pet assignment clearance
  • fixed some inconsistencies in the way temperature was applied
  • restricted stock screen in diplomacy if you have no bookkeeper
  • put in a quick fix for the double-booze in barrel drink bug
  • fixed some of the strange manager jobs
  • fixed problem with jobs being counted for every matching work quota
  • fixed problem with quotas ignoring newly placed buildings
  • fixed problem with glass work order jobs queuing up at any furnace
  • stopped piles from being placed in hidden areas
  • emptied all containers before reclaim mode starts and emptied coffers in old active reclaim games (quick fixes)
  • fixed a tantrum inducing problem with expensive building admiration
  • fixed a manifestation of the fist fight and beating death bug
  • fixed invasion initialization problem when playing multiple games in succession
  • handled problem with berserk creatures being treated like forest creatures