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Dwarf Fortress was released on August 27, 2006. There is no download link for this version, as it was replaced with version later that day.

Fixed several crash bugs and cleaned up some affected saves. I also found out why named creatures were disappearing sometimes and fixed that, though saves in which the problem is currently active will still see some of it.

Chasming refuse is in, though there will probably be some irregularities of which you'll have the pleasure of informing me.

There were some other changes that might help with sheriff/injury tantrums.

Some of the tree designation clearance problems should be gone.

Trade agreements should work properly.

The thieves that enter the fortress are somewhat easier to detect now.

Depending on how you've bound your keys, you should have the odd hold-down behavior only when using a cursor or scrolling now.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • added chasming of refuse
  • added chasming of objects designated from stocks screen
  • added chasm irritation effects from refuse drops and lava spillage
  • added more standing orders for chasming refuse
  • added cat butchery

Crash fixes[edit]

  • added in a patch for some crashing saves related to the channel/farmplot build crash
  • fixed a crash related to destroying bridges and put in several checks relating to this
  • fixed a crash bug caused by stopping a melt designation while the job was in progress
  • fixed a crash bug involving dwarves requesting meals

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • did some initial changes to how multiple thoughts on the same topic are stored
  • fixed problem with snow clearing dig/chop designations
  • fixed problems with how trade agreements were processed
  • fixed a problem with ambusher detection
  • cleaned up some crash prone bits and added more error detection for them
  • added item occupancy verification checks on load
  • made it only count held keys when linked to cursor and scrolling
  • fixed problem with fell mood haul not working immediately
  • changed how thieves are stored relative to sieges
  • fixed a problem where certain named creatures would disappear periodically