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Dwarf Fortress was released on November 23, 2006.

Lots of bugs fixed this time around. I caught a lot of the stay-inside problems, but there are probably some new issues with random jobs now. I'll fix these as I hear about them. I'll also correct any additional stay-inside problems as I hear about them. It should be easier now that more infrastructure is in place.

There's also some creature graphics stuff you can play with. See "raw/graphics/graphics_example.txt" to mess around with it. You'll also need to set [GRAPHICS:YES] in "init/init.txt". I only drew a miner picture, and a blobby dwarf thing, so I don't recommend this unless you are going to draw/use some additional tiles.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • made dwarves care if you melt down their masterpieces
  • made dwarves with seriously damaged vital organs wait for rescue instead of attempting to work
  • coins can no longer be decorated
  • allowed trading of masterpieces for now to handle the bin issues
  • added plurals to the gem matgloss raws
  • made items that aren't yours safe from rot if they are in the trade depot
  • added a material to the sew image job name
  • added some experimental creature tile stuff
  • messed around with optional black space padding for the window
  • added support for item subtypes in a creature raw's ITEMCORPSE
  • added support for additional twists on creature tiles
  • gave dwarves ordered inside more of a sense of urgency


  • cleaned up the underlying display code a bit
  • refactored and optimized building printing

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed problem with artifact materials being blank or nonsensical
  • mood dwarves now drop hauls when the mood sets in
  • stopped dwarves from preferring to eat inedible mill products
  • made piles handle occupied animal traps properly
  • made the color of buildings match the items where applicable
  • allowed leather helms again
  • made stockpiles adjust their max bin/barrel numbers when they are downsized
  • fixed a problem that made cheese and some other food item names not say they were rotten
  • made dye jobs only use one unit of dye from a stack
  • farm plot plant scrolling works properly now for ten or more plants
  • made cloth stockpile interact with adamantine properly
  • made dwarves drop hauls when they go to pickup equipment
  • fixed a problem with cheese amounts
  • stopped mother with twins from cancelling the first seek infant job to start a second
  • stopped pets from being trained
  • filled in some blank look strings in adventure mode
  • fixed a problem that made dwarves not know how to empty buckets into barrels
  • stopped dwarves from emptying lye buckets when they drop them
  • made dwarves store non-empty buckets in the food pile
  • fixed problem that caused strange results from leather and cloth trade agreements
  • made injury state of justice officers affect assignments
  • made law actions check the status of the violator more often
  • fixed problem with birth names for certain animals
  • stopped baby and juvenile animals from breeding
  • stopped a conflict between channel/well/floodgate building and detailing floors
  • stopped dwarves with furniture in multiple rooms from counting it more than once in their holdings
  • made sleeping and unconscious creatures incapable of targeting creatures or spotting ambushers
  • made lingering ko effects disappear after a good night's sleep
  • stopped the corpses of caged creatures killed by lava flows from teleporting to the capture location
  • stopped dwarves that are insane or melancholy from getting artifact moods
  • stopped projectile corpses from flashing status symbols
  • made fortifications display the correct symbol upon dig
  • fixed a problem with indexing of item subtypes upon changes to the raws
  • made armor that has no race maker human-sized by default
  • stopped designation of artifacts for melting
  • stopped artifact component use from driving artisans insane
  • fixed world scrolling in the title screen
  • stopped creatures caged next to water squares from being displayed as underwater in the cage
  • fixed a problem that allowed the undead to have feelings
  • made area restrictions uniform
  • stopped jobs from being assigned to dwarves on dangerous terrain
  • stopped jobs from being created that violate area restrictions
  • added some more connectivity checks
  • fixed a problem that caused web events to trigger repeatedly
  • changed how the military refill their backpacks with food