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Dwarf Fortress was released on January 16, 2007. There is no download link for this version, as it was replaced with version later that day.

The backbone of temperature is in now, but there's still a lot to do. I'm not working on it for a while again.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • allowed setting of population cap
  • allowed setting of fps cap
  • added options for pets vs. citizens on coffins
  • allowed slaughter designation of animals from unit view
  • did some of the temperature transfers for flows
  • made steam and immersion in water stop active fires
  • stopped ignition in wet or steamed areas
  • allowed external and bodypart-specific contamination of units
  • allowed contamination of vegetation
  • made immersion in water make things wet
  • made external water contaminants evaporate over time from creatures
  • stopped wet objects from igniting
  • made rain dampen creatures, items and vegetation
  • did temperature exchange between building items
  • did temperature exchange between containers and their contents
  • did temperature transfer from creatures to air when there are large differences
  • did temperature transfer between creatures and their inventories
  • made external water contaminants evaporate from items and vegetation over time
  • stopped eating/drinking of high/low temperature foods
  • made burning corpses leave behind bones
  • did melting/boiling/solidifying of items
  • did melting/boiling of creatures


  • sped up engraving defacement checks

Crash fixes[edit]

  • fixed a crash bug associated to cooking

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed some of the BMP export problems
  • fixed some missing text
  • added some diagnostics for id numbers
  • stopped children from buying shops
  • changed missing index file message
  • made repeat animal training jobs cancel with a message if there are no pupils
  • stopped happy thoughts from sleeping in beds in amazing dining rooms
  • fixed problem with adventuring companions not following you down ramps
  • fiddled with siege campfires
  • specified type in shield flow blocks
  • tweaked the item addition text on setup
  • removed detailing jobs and designations from new squares with saplings and shrubs
  • made dwarves that want to rest request meals only if they are actually in bed
  • fixed a problem with heat/cold related deaths and notifications
  • fixed problem with siegers creating campfires
  • got rid of "rotten" water
  • tweaked the appeareance and text for molten metals
  • made building destruction independent of workshop profiles
  • changed the cleaning blood job description
  • made depot jobs cancel if the merchants aren't arriving or trading
  • made dwarves pick food items without caring about barrels
  • stopped soldiers from grabbing caravan food for backpacks and made some temporary changes to how food is selected
  • restricted the class of items for which armor skill reduces effective weight
  • made bridges and aqueducts stop sleep thoughts for the terrain beneath them
  • changed how trader dialogue is handled
  • fixed blockage issue that stopped meetings from starting