How do I get my dwarves to haul ores and ignore useless stones

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What you want to do is create a stone stockpile that doesn't allow normal stones to be carried to it.

  • When you have the stockpile menu open p, select Custom stockpile settings t.
  • Scroll down to Stone and enable it.
  • You will see three categories appear in the middle column, 'Metal Ores', 'Economic stones', and 'Other'.
  • Scroll across to the stone categories and forbid 'Economic stones' and 'Other'.
  • Now exit out of the settings menu, and you will be able to place a stockpile that will only store 'Metal Ores'.

Unique ores[edit]

You can choose to create a stockpile that only stores one kind of ore - for instance, just copper nuggets.

  • Forbid 'Metal Ores'.
  • Now scroll across to Metal Ore types.
  • Now scroll down to 'Copper nuggets' and press Enter - you will notice that both 'Copper nuggets' and 'Metal Ores' becomes a lighter shade of grey. Note you can have more than one type of ore selected if you wish.
  • Exit out of the menu and place the stockpile.

Changing stockpile settings[edit]

You can alter a stockpile's settings at any time by using the examine buildings menu q. Simply hover over it and you will see a number of options come up on the right hand window, including 'stockpile settings' s. This will take you to the same menu as you saw earlier.