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The menus in the SDL versions seem to be having a few more lingering debris and black spots than usual, but that should be mostly gone for next time.

-- Toady One

Crash fixes[edit]

  • fixed crash on abandon related to having a box/cabinet building assigned to somebody
  • fixed crash from using nearly spent soap bars to clean people
  • fixed up crash from scrolling over globs in stock screen if certain fats were present
  • SDL mode image export crash fixed (Baughn)
  • fixed cursor position on farm season selection (possible crash)

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • made dwarves that initiate individual training recognize when they are no longer doing so properly
  • stopped dwarves from swapping out their equipment for newly made items of equal value
  • stopped dwarves from assigning equipment from caravans or unforbidden possessions held by outsiders also incoming woodcutters/miners/etc.
  • stopped dwarves from being assigned large equipment
  • added default trade capacity to creatures to stop near-infinite caravan goods from being added to certain creatures
  • fixed material template values causing many natural creatures to be very squishy and underpowered

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • 2D mode colors fixed (Baughn)
  • curses mode color initialization fixed (Baughn)
  • sound header fix (Baughn)
  • fixed temporary pathing problems that came from digging out brook tiles (negative construction distance etc.)
  • fixed deletion for zones that have all their tiles removed
  • fixed problem stopping hospital zones that have some tiles deleted from updating their furniture assignments
  • removed forest temperature dampening for artificially hot worlds
  • fixed some duplicate tags and other issues in the raws (see file_changes.txt)
  • graphical map export should be back in the SDL versions