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Dwarf Fortress 0.31.11 was released on July 23, 2010

Combat was the focus last time, and this time I moved over to equipment and training. There are a number of bugs left to fix, but a lot of the largest problems should be cleaned up and training should be somewhat usable now. I wanted to shift ammunition over to a default system where it doesn't get tied to particular squads/hunters (with the old way left as a default for people that want to control it more), since that remains one of the more annoying things, but I didn't have time to finish it up. Just make sure you have some extra bolts sitting around, and 'm'-'f' should show you how your squads are doing ammo-wise. Barracks should also probably default to a non-reserved/non-purposed system, though that's not as bad as ammunition reservation is. In any case, I'll be moving on to the month-end project and entity populations, though I'll release again sooner if something comes up. --Toady

Crash fixes[edit]

  • stopped crash when individual squad members were selected in 's' and you go back to 's' after leaving
  • fixed crash moving from ammo assignment creation to material assignment
  • fixed reclaim crash
  • fixed text mode crash in SDL version (Baughn)

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • freed up assigned items properly when uniforms are overwritten
  • freed up equipment properly from empty positions when squad is disbanded
  • made civilian jobs respect attributes properly
  • fixed turtle (vermin) shell crafts/helms/gauntlets/etc.
  • stopped squad/off-time training activities from persisting when guy goes off to eat, do squad orders, die, etc.
  • made inactive/ordered squads free up their old training activities more quickly
  • stopped off-time training from gumming up squad training barracks assignment
  • removed dead/crazy/etc. dwarves from squads
  • dropped injured dwarves out of their activities properly
  • stopped bleeding dwarves from thinking they need to jump on the ground and be dragged to the hospital
  • stopped miners/woodcutters coming out of the military from thinking they had a claim to old tools
  • made people doing off-time training stop if it becomes inappropriate (kicked out of squad, etc.)
  • made quota countdown respect reactions again

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • stopped body-component-based artifacts from defaulting out to iron figurines
  • made skill rust display properly on 'v' and made temporary skill loss conditions not display on military screen
  • changed rust display for skills
  • restricted shell moods to dwarves with shell prefs
  • stopped metal goblet/flask construction jobs from shuffling metal of product
  • fixed up idle strings for non-soldiers vs. lingering squad activities
  • decreased effect of low self-discipline on individual training
  • sped up training organization
  • WINDOWEDX/Y values respected when moving to windowed mode from full screen (Baughn)
  • fixed problem with skill demonstration session timer
  • added timers for sparring and individual combat drills
  • adjusted sparring pulled shots for recent combat balancing
  • adjusted skill rates for all practice activities
  • put forest start biome on humans (for proactive forest clearing)
  • changed hauling encumbrance speed formula and made hauling build atts slowly
  • stopped picks from being available to indiv choice soldiers
  • required subtype match for armor even under "partial match"
  • made off-duty archery training occur for indiv choice ranged weapons (not just crossbow)
  • cleaned up various raw typos (see file_changes.txt)
  • fixed a bunch of the "you" announcements in dwarf mode
  • made counter to stop excessive party attendence work properly
  • made it set up default ammo profiles for ranged squads