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Major bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed crash from shop signs being placed off map
  • fixed crash during character generation of human outsiders if you back out of the name menu
  • fixed crash from trap announcements/reports
  • fixed world gen crash that arose from creature in secondary entity population taking over leadership role when caste mods are present
  • fixed crash from walking off the left or upper edge of the world
  • corrected misaligned bodypart appearance modifiers on load and resulting crash in pref screen, origin of misalignment unclear
  • fixed problem where you are considered a thief after shopping at a store that had previous had its inventory offloaded
  • made uniform assignments respect handedness
  • reenabled SDL movie recording
  • stopped unfinished quests performed by previous characters from stopping nobles from giving new characters quests

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • made skill rates copy over to castes correctly
  • fixed problem that added bogeyman kills to the wrong parts of the kill lists
  • stopped retirement in town when bogeymen are active
  • stopped unequipable soldier unit types from occasionally appearing in ambushes/sites/migrants
  • corrected placement of cauldrons
  • got rid of size bonus mistakenly applied to opportunity skill rolls and put in the rage penalty it was supposed to be
  • made master pikemen get proper skill
  • stopped lair hatch covers from rotting away
  • added announcement for falling damage
  • adding retching after initial vomiting
  • changed metal use for humans/gobs/kobs via existing raw tags
  • changed a few two-handed weapon sizes
  • updated dwarf party organization conditions
  • fixed problem with movie playback showing an extra garbage frame for each chunk of the movie
  • changed conversation colors
  • fixed double adjective in dark fortress
  • made Elite Bowman name appear correctly (was showing up as blowgunner), and a few related typos
  • fixed some other typos