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This article is about an older version of DF.

Once the economy has activated, if a particular profession is sufficiently prominent within your fortress, whether from having a large quantity of workers or from having completed a sufficient number of jobs, a guild leader noble will arrive as a migrant. From that point forward, if said dwarves are not given enough work to do, they will meet with their guild leader to complain about the lack of work. The guild leaders will then meet with the Mayor and make requests in favor of their guild members.

The following guilds exist:

At the beginning of each season, the Mayor will respond to the 3 most important guilds (ranked by the number of requests) by either raising the guild's wages to 150% for the next season or by making a mandate "that certain jobs be completed". If more than 3 guilds have made requests during one season, their requests will be ignored.

Having a guild request approved gives the guild leader a happy thought and boosts the guild's morale, while having the request ignored gives the guild leader an unhappy thought and lowers the guild's morale. Unhappy guilds can be dangerous - if a guild is unhappy enough, the leader may order a work slowdown, during which all workers within the guild will deliberately perform their jobs significantly slower than usual.

Beware that the 6 cults may also randomly make requests to the Mayor to produce additional weapons, and these may potentially cause guild requests to be ignored.

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