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[[Category:Humor and stories]]
[[Category:Humor and stories]]
'''Source(s):'''  [http://www.downloadranking.com  Game support]

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If you send a donation to Bay 12 Games, you can choose between two rewards: a Crayon Art Reward or an ASCII Art Reward. It is a small scene made of a few ASCII characters, along with a unique story written by ThreeToe happening in the Dwarf Fortress world. Each scene has a chance to appear later in some form in one of ThreeToe's Stories. If the same donator gives more than one time, it is also possible that the bits of ASCII Art follow each other and form a story.

Each piece of ASCII Art Reward belongs to the donator who received it, but to appetize new potential donators, sharing them might be a good thing.

ASCII Art Rewards (alphabetically by contributor)
A – F G – L M – S T – Z

Source(s): Game support

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