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*Cages do not prevent wear.
*Cages do not prevent wear.
*Certain items suffer wear when placed in a [[refuse stockpile]].{{verify}}
*Certain items suffer wear when placed in a [[refuse stockpile]].{{verify}}
*Shoes wear faster than other clothing items.

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Wear is the degradation of materials over time, primarily in the context of food and clothing. Wear will alter the quality of an item, denoted by the symbols x, X and XX. For example, over time a dwarf's "Pig tail shirt" will degrade into a "xPig tail shirtx" and eventually a "XXPig tail shirtXX" before disappearing entirely.

Animal-based products can rot, which is different from wear (see miasma). Crops and harvested plants can wither if not stored in a stockpile, making them useless but generating no miasma.

Notes on wear:

  • Clothing over time will wear due to normal usage.
  • Clothing and leather items are worn down very rapidly after catching on fire.
  • Trolls can beat on doors, wearing them out until they break.
  • Wood and cloth items in a Trade depot built outside in a Glacier biome will degrade until purchased. This will also happen to items in a starting wagon in a similar location. Walls do not halt the effect.
  • Invaders' clothing is also subject to wear.
  • Cages do not prevent wear.
  • Certain items suffer wear when placed in a refuse stockpile.Verify
  • Shoes wear faster than other clothing items.
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