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This article is about the current version of DF.
If cow cheese is made from cow's milk, what is dwarven cheese made of? -- Anon

Dwarven milk is an extract obtained from having a milker milk a purring maggot, and has a value of 2☼. Dwarven milk can be cooked or made into dwarven cheese (worth 20☼ per unit) by a cheese maker at a Farmer's workshop. Using dwarven cheese as an ingredient thus creates incredibly valuable prepared meals. Further, some dwarves prefer dwarven milk or cheese and will get a happy thought from it.

Purring maggots are native to the second and third layers of the caverns and, thus, are not available from the embark screen. Currently, only wild purring maggots can be milked; if tamed they become useless for milk production.Bug:3670. Modding them to inhabit the first cavern layer will make dwarven milk available on embark and in dwarven caravans.