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Job Title Logician
  • Ponder
  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Unknown
This article is about the current version of DF.

Logician is a scholar skill. It is used by scholars when thinking about philosophy topics.

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision
Nature of beauty Discourse on the nature of beauty Beauty (ancient thought) Aesthetics
Value of art Aesthetics Aesthetics
Belief Discourse on the nature of belief Epistemology § Belief Epistemology
Justification Discourse on the nature of justification Epistemology § Justification Epistemology
Perception Discourse on the nature of perception Philosophy of perception Epistemology
Truth Epistemology § Truth Epistemology
Individual value Discourse on the meaning of individual happiness Value (ethics) § Personal values Ethics
State consequentialism Discourse on ethics as it regards the benefit of the state State consequentialism Ethics
Interpersonal ethics Discourse on ethics as applied to interpersonal conduct Value (ethics) § Cultural values Ethics (applied)
Medical Discourse on medical ethics Medical ethics Ethics (applied)
Military Discourse on ethics as applied to war Ethics § Military ethics Ethics (applied)
Analogical inference Argument from analogy Logic
Deductive reasoning Deductive reasoning Deductive reasoning Logic
Dialectic reasoning Dialectic Logic
Direct inference Statistical syllogism Logic
Formal reasoning Formal reasoning Reason Logic
Hypothetical syllogisms Hypothetical syllogisms Hypothetical syllogism Logic
Inductive reasoning Inductive reasoning Logic
Propositional logic Propositional calculus Logic
Syllogistic logic Syllogistic logic Syllogism Logic
Causation The nature of causation Causality Metaphysics
Events Discourse on the nature of events Event (philosophy) Metaphysics
Existence Existence Metaphysics
Mind body Discourse on the nature of mind and body Mind–body problem Metaphysics
Objects and properties Essence Metaphysics
Processes Process philosophy Metaphysics
Time Discourse on the nature of time Time Metaphysics
Wholes and parts The relationship between wholes and parts Mereology Metaphysics
Education Education, its forms and recommendations Education Specialized
Law Discourse on law Law Specialized
Dictionary Dictionaries Dictionary Specialized (language)
Etymology The notion of etymology Etymology Specialized (language)
Grammar Grammar Grammar Specialized (language)
Diplomacy Discourse on diplomacy Diplomacy Specialized (politics)
Economic policy Discourse on economic policy Economic policy Specialized (politics)
Government forms Discourse on government Government Specialized (politics)
Social welfare Discourse on social welfare Welfare Specialized (politics)
Value agendas The philosopher will choose a Belief that they have and write about that: Format "Worthlessness/nuances/value of (belief)" Reading books that push these will result in a dwarf's (or adventurer's) values changing. Propaganda n/a