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It seems that this section is no longer correct:

Making bone leggings or greaves requires 3 stack of bones, but it only consumes 1 bone from each stack. (You cannot use a stack of 3 bones instead. There must be 3 separate stacks.) Making bone gauntlets consumes 1 bone from 1 stack, and produces both a right and a left gauntlet. Making a bone helm consumes 1 bone from 1 stack.

I've been experimenting with producing bone leggings in 0.40.24, and I'm not sure I've fully understood the behaviour, but I have observed:

  • Leggings can be made from a single stack of bones. When this happens, the job seems to reliably consume three bones from the stack.
  • Where there is single bone in the workshop, it will be used, along with bones from another stack brought to the workshop, and a total of four bones will be used (the single one and three from the second stack).
  • Where there is a stack of two bones in the workshop, these will be used along with three bones from another stack, for a total of five bones.

--bjh21 (talk) 00:12, 21 January 2015 (UTC)