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Article requests

Articles are pages that cover a game-related topic.


  • Please search for any similar articles before posting a request. It's possible that an article already covers a certain topic, but it doesn't exist under the name you expect. If you find an article like this, you may want to consider posting a request for a redirect instead.
  • Please use our guidelines when choosing a name. In most cases, only the first letter in the article's name should be capitalized.
  • Remember to include the appropriate namespace! For most new articles, the namespace should be DF2014 (the current version's namespace), but a few articles might need to be in the main namespace instead.
    • Links should be formatted like this: [[Namespace:Name]] (or just [[Name]] for articles in the main namespace).

Please place a * before requests — this puts them in a list, keeping them organized.

Remember to sign your posts with ~~~~ (4 tildes).

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