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Dwarf Fortress has only one person writing its code. There's a lot of it, and a lot that is quite new, so it's unfortunately inevitable that some imperfections creep in. The game itself is also just extremely complex, and it's easy to become confused.


If other documentation has not helped, you might see the FAQ page.


Main article: Known bugs and issues

Unfortunately, DF is not immune to bugs in the code. Some can be quite prominent. While Toady fixes them as fast as he can, you might find some workarounds on the known bugs page.

Forums and other resources

Not to worry, there are plenty of DF players out there and they are generally very friendly. Usually they'll gladly help you figure out your particular daunting dwarvish dilemma. Remember to be polite and use a forum's search function to see if your question has previously been asked before making a new post. If you follow this advice then people will be more than thrilled to help.


IRC Channels

Main article: IRC

Other wikis