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Optimizing Skills

Current Fortresses (0.31.25)[edit]

Rontishis Ragespiraled - Community Fort, lots of alpaca

Nominally Active .40d Fortresses[edit]

1) Udirthocit Urdim Datan (still let it run occasionally)
2) Avalrigoth
3) Nodxusta Lide Zuden, ie Human Town challenge (challenge part defunct, when i run it i'm working on a clock)

Former Notable Fortress Journals[edit]

Under the Sea Journal
BL Survival Challenge
Master's Challenges 1: Omnifreeze

Sites of note (0.31.xx)[edit]


7 z-levels tall, more than a screen wide, now *that's* a waterfall.


13 z-levels tall, and it breaches the top cavern level. Epic.