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My principal interest these days (in DF) is creature logic. I figure I might as well save some of my techniques here in case anybody stumbles over them.

  • User:Vasiln/Goblin Logic 1: Where I deal with some basic gates and the infrastructure needed to make goblin logic work
  • User:Vasiln/Goblin Logic 2: Where I go into advanced logic problems, memory addressing, adder optimization, and start writing some programs
  • User:Vasiln/Goblin Logic 3: Where we deal with practical problems associated with building a programmable goblin logic computer, talk about input and output, and get to multiplexing

I think I'm done with creature logic now. I just feel as if I've solved it, and don't know what to think about next. Feel free to contact me if you've got any questions or problems. There is no logic problem that cannot be solved with a sufficient number of goblins, mechanisms, doors, and hatches.

Here are my designs for the undump.

Toward a comprehensive theory of build order.

Live fire bolt recovery.

The practically useless but technologically interesting 150-tick repeater.

Experiments in minecarts

Sandbox page, currently holding WIP on minecart logic