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This article is about an older version of DF.

Impact and Shear Elasticity are values associated with the material raws in versions df_31_01 and later. They affect combat, primarily what happens when something is struck.

Impact Elasticity


A very low elasticity will cause the object to shatter when struck, even when struck by an edged weapon.

Stone, Bone, Tooth, Horn, Hoof, Pearl, Shell, Soap, Tallow, Chitin, Most frozen liquids 100
Metal, Wood, Plant, Seed, Powder 1000
Nail 5000
Cartilage 25000
Skin, Fat, Muscle, Sinew, Nerve, Organs, Leather, Cheese, Leaf 50000
Hair, Feather, Scale, Silk, Thread 100000

Shear Elasticity