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This article is about an older version of DF.

Strain at yield is a property of materials. As with yield and fracture, there are six types of strain at yield, one for each of the six forces. Although in real life it represents the level of strain when forced by one of the forces, it is simplified greatly. Only impact strain at yield has been verified to have an effect.

Impact strain at yield


Lower strain at yield materials will shatter when hit by an impact, even if the impact is an edge weapon.

Stone, Bone, Tooth, Horn, Hoof, Pearl, Shell, Soap, Tallow, Chitin, Most frozen liquids 100
Metal template, Wood template, Plant template, Seed template, most powders 1000
Nail 5000
Cartilage 25000
Skin, Fat, Muscle, Sinew, Nerve, Organ template, Leather, Cheese, Leaf 50000
Hair, Feather, Scale, Silk, Thread 100000