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Here is the next one! The main features are the animal training and clothing changes. You can get at the animal training options from the z animal tab.
-- Toady One, 23 March 2012

[edit] New stuff

  • Each civilization has animal training familiarity based on locale/journeys/domestication
  • Your site picks up training knowledge as you go
  • Your civilization picks it up from you if merchants survive
  • Animals have training status which can deteriorate
  • Added tools to the arena
  • Added text site color key for town map export

[edit] Major bug fixes

  • Fixed a save corruption from saving at the moment of trade meetings
  • Animals that have killed/attacked civ members no longer attack when trained
  • Allowed people to pick up their own owned clothes
  • Stopped sever victims from obsessing over lost clothes
  • Stopped failed pickup job from keeping item in uniform plan
  • Pickup equipment spam handled
  • Workshop clutter changed

[edit] Other bug fixes/tweaks

  • Evil/good trees/shrubs are back
  • Made ownership lapse for things that have been thrown away -- can take about 10-20 days
  • Clothing deterioration in refuse pile
  • Training jobs for large animals decoupled from kennels -- assign trainers in animal screen
  • Animals being trained wander around less
  • Allowed selection of war/hunting animals
  • Stopped young animals from lashing out
  • Decreased vampire frequency for fort migration
  • Fixed metal/bone helm artifacts (Quietust)
  • Fixed problems with socks going on the same foot
  • Champion can be appointed, fixed various circumstances causing failed position activations
  • Tool weights fixed (at least to align with raws)
  • Material size respected in standard tool construction jobs
  • Reintroduced negative thoughts from clothing, nakedness thoughts take a few weeks
  • Stopped zillions of chat thoughts from being stacked up
  • Stopped critters from breaking away from being led in an inconsistent way
  • Various string changes for TrueType (will also affect other modes in hopefully minor ways)
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