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Near perfect 4X5[edit]

seed #: 1038428822


Biome 1 Biome 2 Biome 3
Type Mountain Tropical Shrubland Mountain
Temperature Scorching Scorching Scorching
Trees None Woodland None
Vegetation None Moderate None
Surrondings Terrifying Terrifying Terrifying
Layers Andesite Yellow Sand Rhyolite
Marble Rhyolite Obsidian
Granite Obsidian Diorite

It's a place in the center of the top left corner of the map. I's close to what people have been looking for: Terrifying, Wood , Water, Sand, Adamantium, Magma, Flux. It's situated between two lakes on a mountain. It should be perfect for those of you who want a challenge with everything.

Great Starting Location[edit]

Seed# 2763371510

Rejects: 19

This map has only one good starting location that I could find, but it's a great one. Near the middle of the map, and slightly east there is a volcano right next to a river running north south. If you put the default map size so that the volcano is centered vertically and a one square east you will start in a fabulous spot.


You get a easily defended canyon with only one entrance (south) from off map, and tall ledges on all sides. A brook comes in from the south, providing ample water.

Don't trust the report on sparse vegetation and trees.... there is pleanty for a society of stone loving dwarves. :)

There is no aquifer... so dig away!

The map isn't fully explored, so I won't be spoiling anything.


Rejectionless seed for DF v0.27.173.38a[edit]


The Soul-Realm of Griffons contains a really awesome starting location.

  • Magma
  • Hidden Fun Stuff
  • Bauxite
  • Flux (marble)
  • Chasm
  • Cave river (extend one more tile south to have a cave pond as well)
  • Trees, trees, and more trees

Here's a screenshot:

Hi guys, I'm a nearly-perfect starting point!

3438078348 = Paradise for v0.27.173.38a[edit]

The mountains are Obsidian over Marble. There's Magma right under where I suggest you start.

In a 3x5 there's abundant wood immediately to the west, abundant sand immediately to the northeast, and adamantium in the southeast corner.

There's conglomerate under the sand, so you should be able to get iron ore, as well as maybe lignite if you start to run out of wood.

Not as many Z-Levels as a connoisseur might like.

TNDPs start.jpg