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Incredibly Resource Rich Starting Location[edit]

Embark on the magma pipe near the center, and enjoy river, pipe, adamantite, plenty of obsidian, flux stone, trees, a lot of gold, and more!

[SEED:340187300] [HISTORY_SEED:3924664033] [NAME_SEED:186848708]

CPU-friendly starting location[edit]

Seed: 3591897044 (generated on WinXP 32 Bit) Size: MEDIUM (129x129)

This is a 4x4 location selected to contain enough resources to support the needs of a fortress for years without requiring much CPU power. (You can also just select a 3x3 area and still have all the features.)

  • The water source is an aquifer, which won't create any CPU load until you tap into it. There is no source of constantly running water on the map (unless you create one, e.g. by draining one aquifer level into the one below).
  • Magma is provided by the magma pool in the top left corner. In my experience, magma pools do not slow the game down as much as magma pipes do.
  • The entire area is totally flat!

Cpu friendly location.png

  • Trees: Yes, lots of them.
  • Ores: One vein of limonite and one cluster of magnetite, but both are directly below the aquifer and are thus unusable without significant effort.
  • Flux: There is marble on the left and top borders
  • Magma: There is a magma pool in the top left.
  • Fuel: Bituminous Coal and Lignite from the Siltstone layer, magma, trees
  • Water: The whole map has an aquifer. Dig a staircase near the magma pool to breach it without hassle.
  • Sand: All over the map.
  • Does not have: Brook, River, Underground River/Pond, Adamantine, Cave
  • Neighbors: Dwarves, Goblins, Humans, Elves

Be careful to avoid a forest fire (fire imps and lots of trees don't mix!), otherwise your whole party of seven might burn up before your first summer!

Resource rich starting location[edit]

Seed: 3004502376 (generated on MacOS X & on Linux with wine) Size: MEDIUM (129x129)

This is a 6x6 area with lots of resources. Watch out for the canyons, you need to build bridges across them to allow traders and immigrants access to your fortress. This region is far from flat. There is an underground magma pipe with its surface on level 141 (level with the river along the top of the region) at the right hand side of the map, just above the centre.


  • Trees: Woodland covering most of region
  • Ores: Iron, Copper, Aluminium ores all easily found
  • Flux: Lots of limestone
  • Magma: Underground magma pipe (see above). Bauxite easily found.
  • Fuel: magma, trees
  • Water: Two rivers
  • Sand: Covering all but the mountainous left edge
  • Neighbors: Dwarves, Humans, Elves, Goblins

Teyo Anetha (no Goblins)[edit]

Size: Medium, Seed: 2422583942, History Seed: 173103888, Name Seed: 2864375868

The Kind Swamps[edit]

Teyo Anetha.gif

You'll get: trees, sand, magma, flux, bauxite, coal, all types of metal ore, alligators, carp, some other fish and NO goblins.

If you don't mind leaving the mountains and travelling down the rivers through 'The Outrageous Forest' of the elves, you will find here a nice locations with an interesting scenery. The rivers form two natural freshwater lakes, a small waterfall and there is an underground magma pipe to be discovered. The only obstacles are the aquifers and probably the local wildlife. And the place is called 'The Kind Swamps', too (warm, temperate freshwater swamp, heavily forested, thick vegetation, mirthful).

Thadar Alu[edit]

world_gen.txt file:

Good Mix of Resources[edit]

Seed: 1158498054 (generated on WinXP 32 Bit v0.28.181.40d) Size: MEDIUM (129x129)

Here's a 5x5 spot with

  • Some Trees
  • Iron Ore
  • Bauxite
  • Flux
  • Magma Pipe
  • Chasm (open to the surface)
  • Sand
  • Pit
  • River
  • Gems
  • Temperate weather


Good Location[edit]

Generated on WinXP, v0.28.181.40d

Seed: 2814973378, Size: LARGE, Minimum Volcano Number set to 18


An 8x3 area, covering the edge of a mountain range and a woodland plain. A brook divides the two main biomes, and the map is completely flat East of it. Surroundings are hot (the murky pools do not evaporate) and wilderness. Wide variety of local wildlife, magma creatures are contained until you tap the pipe. Occasionally world gen can create an underground goblin road running just east of the Magma. With a larger area you could also include an underground river, a chasm and a pit, although they would all be deep inside the mountain.

  • Trees: Decent Tree cover to the East of the brook
  • Ores: Magnetite and Hematite in the Limestone layer, Copper, Gold, Platinum and Aluminum also observed
  • Stone: Limestone, Obsidian and Bauxite
  • Soil: One layer East of the river
  • Flux: Limestone
  • Magma: Magma Pipe, entirely concealed in the mountain, but location is visible from the surface as a circular depression.
  • Fuel: Magma, Bituminous Coal and Lignite, Trees
  • Water: Brook
  • Sand: None, unfortunately
  • Neighbors: Dwarves, Humans, Elves, Goblins
  • Adamantine/HFS: Central, deep down near the edge of the Mountain
  • Optional: Underground river, chasm, pit
  • Does not have: Cave, aquifer, sand

The Eternal Realms[edit]

The Eternal Realms

Seed: 4981584, Size: MEDIUM (default)

  • Big Sea on the West side
  • Huge Mountain range in NE side; lots of rivers around there too.
  • Forest with two big lakes on the South Side
  • Three Evil Pink Blobs in the foothills.

I haven't used this map in fortress mode yet, but it looks very plentiful.

The Portentous Realms[edit]

world_gen.txt file:

note: I set the world gen to keep going until 1050

A 6x6 area with the top 6 being woodland and the rest mountainranges I will post an image of location when I have the time, ATM you can find it by using search function (HFS, pipe, flux, underground river and pit)


  • Trees: enough, I've been going for 4 years and still haven't managed to use it all
  • Ores: I've found 2 hematite veins, 2 gold veins and 2 copper so far along with some aluminum and lots of tetrahedrite (I haven't really started searching yet, but this bodes well)
  • Flux: There is dolomite below the soil in the north
  • Magma: There is a magma pipe mid bottom a few stories down
  • Fuel: magma, trees, haven't found any ores yet, but who neeeds it with magma?
  • Water: underground river along west side and a small murky pool in north
  • bottomless pit: southeast a few stories below the surface
  • Sand: north
  • creatures: surface: groundhogs and goats. river: cave crocodiles, giant olm, giant toads, lizardmen, olms, cavefish and snakemen. bottomless pit: Giant Bats, bats, 1 gremlin, cave Swallowmen, antmen and troglodytes, magma pipe: Magma man and Fire Imps
  • Neighbors: 2 Dwarves, Goblins, Humans, Elves and kobolds
  • HFS: yes... yes indeed (haven't found it yet though
  • Does not have: Cave, aquifer and bauxite
  • notes: when finding the pit you will also see a lot of gems, and there is even more in close proximity to it. I've barely scratched the surface, but so far it looks like the place is rich on metal and gems.

Frekin Sweet map[edit]

I spent a lot of time creating maps and i think i've found the best map

Done on Version

how to find: Search for:

  • X + Y Dimension = 8
  • Chasm = Yes
  • Flux = Yes
  • Other Features = Yes
  • Magma Pipe = Yes
  • Bottemless pit = Yes
  • Underground River = Yes

Tress: A few HFS: YES YES YES Bauxite i ran reveal through this and had a quick look lots of gems and lots lots more

and how could i forget No Elves

Download Images and Map From Here : [1]

Tar Oru, The Land of Forever[edit]

(Click for larger view)

  • Water: Brook flowing south through the center of the map
  • Trees: Heavily forested west of the brook
  • Magma: Magma Pipe southwest at 146, small wedge of obsidian floor cuts into hillside
  • Sand: Spread across several layers, west of brook
  • Metals/Ores: Lots of Magnetite, some shallow Tetrahedrite and Gold, and everything else but Garnierite and Malachite
  • Bauxite: Lots
  • Flux: Several layers of Chalk
  • Fuel: Magma, 1 vein of Bituminous Coal, several veins of Lignite, and lots of Trees
  • Adamantine: Far south, just west of brook
  • Neighbors: Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Humans
  • Lacks: No chasm, bottomless pit, underground pool, or underground river, though extending the embark region by 1 tile to the right will add both an underground pool and river

Ecamo Ewè, The Universe of Enchantments[edit]

Pocket world, 8x4 region (search for Flux, Underground River, Magma Pipe, Bottomless Pit, and Other Features)

  • Water: Murky pools on surface, single region-tile underground river (waterfall to chasm)
  • Trees: Heavily forested far west, woodland for the rest
  • Magma: Exposed magma pipe at northwest corner
  • Sand: Plentiful black sand
  • Metals/Ores: All metals but Nickel available, abundant Magnetite
  • Bauxite: Lots
  • Flux: Several layers of Chalk
  • Fuel: Magma, numerous veins of Bituminous Coal and Lignite, trees
  • Adamantine: Center of the region
  • Neighbors: All
  • Chasm: Exposed bottomless pit at northeast corner, inhabited by Giant Cave Spider
  • Climate: Temperate (pools don't evaporate or freeze), windy (40 power), and rainy

Changing the History seed to 1226960750 will result in a formal Goblin War and no Elves.

Scamps world[edit]

When converting Scamps name you get the number 722677.

I found a location which apparently has every resource I remember at the moment and that I can check in the embarking screen, though you have to select a 7 to 11 rectangele to get everything. The biggest direct height difference is 3-7, 7 is also the highest elevation.


  • water (river aboverground and underground, underground pool)
  • magma (pipe and pool)
  • bottomless pit/chasm
  • several heavily forested biomes
  • warm temperature
  • flux (marble)
  • fun stuff
  • sand
  • all types of stone

Not checked, but possible:

  • bauxite
  • silk
  • all precious and rare gems

Use the site finder to get it, but remember that 7 is the height and 11 the width.

Wayfarer's area of frekking everything[edit]

This map has nearly everything. It consists of a cliff in east and 3 Mountains on top of it

  • Water: A brook is flowing in the west.
  • Trees: A big forest on top of the cliff
  • Ores: Found a big deposit of magnetite, several hematite veins, lots of gold veins, masses of casserite, native copper and tetrahite. Also some Aluminum clusters
  • Gems: Lots of ornamental and semi-precious gems, some precious ones, too.
  • Underground Pool: there is an underground pool that is very strange: if you dig into the wall of the cliff, you will find a circular room with silt loam cavern floor, but no water. if you cut a channel through it, you'll reveal a pool. Use reveal to find it though. Lots of cave spider webs inside the room as well.
  • Magma: TWO magma pipes, one already revealed at embarking, the second one right next to it.
  • Obsidian: Magma AND several natural obsidian layers
  • Sand: Black, red and normal all over the map
  • Bottomless pit: righ next to the magma pipes, revealed at embark
  • Neighbours: Elves goblins kobolds and humans
  • Stones: Lots of orthoclase and microcline (for those who like it colourful) and some olivine as well. Lots of natural obsidian. Marble (flux), bauxite (in the east very close benath the surface), alunite, granite and diorite.

ALL in just 6x6!