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Dwarf Fortress was released on November 1, 2007.

Various crash and lag fixes. There are still lags and crashes, but many of the major offenders have been handled now. There were also several minor fixes. See the dev log for those.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • changed how hidden tiles are displayed
  • automatically freed broker from depot upon merchant departure
  • made main layer stones default to unrestricted even if they are economic
  • handled water table designation on dig
  • added fuel notification for smelter
  • made damp stone warning do diagonals
  • added wooden blocks

Crash Fixes[edit]

  • fixed well crash bug
  • fixed handling of abandoned fortress migrant entry links and corresponding reclaim crash
  • fixed embark screen abort crash bug

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed accumulated midmap cleaner
  • fixed broken smelter jobs
  • stopped previous settlers from being in ambush
  • fixed displayed affiliation of previous settlers
  • got rid of some duplicate entity links
  • fixed problem with creatures not taking fall damage from hitting the bottom of the playable area
  • fixed various forge jobs
  • fixed problem with blinking designations
  • fixed problem with cookable raw fish not being recognized once they are brought to the kitchen
  • fixed problem with building material temperature checks
  • tweaked embark warnings
  • fixed problem with walls turning into soil upon being carved into fortifications
  • fixed problem with caravan weight calculations involving seeds and animal corpses
  • fixed problem with smelter metal counts
  • fixed lag from creatures passing each other
  • fixed problem with count promotion
  • fixed various typos
  • fixed problem with work quota validations not being saved