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Dwarf Fortress was released on November 16, 2007.

Various crash and lag fixes again. See the dev log for other minor changes.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • added a bit of text to wells
  • gave threadable stones economic status
  • caused some buildings to block vermin

Crash Fixes[edit]

  • handled a reclaim/adv mode crash
  • fixed crash from sewing cloth images
  • fixed crash caused by seed trade valuation
  • fixed embark crash in cliff areas
  • fixed crash caused by viewing the inventories of additional units
  • fixed crash bug from archery training

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed a few typos
  • fixed problem with fortress advancement
  • eliminated a tantrum lag/freeze problem
  • fixed problem with edge construction restriction
  • fixed lockup from dry wells
  • handled some of the problems keeping dwarves stuck on unpathable terrain
  • fixed problem with list update on stockpile mode paging
  • fixed problem with moods not getting started
  • fixed problem with traded armor items not being recognized
  • fixed scrolling problem on load screen
  • handled problem with caveins involving stairs and ramps
  • fixed a problem with blood hanging in the air
  • stopped 2 mayors from being present at once
  • fixed some material typos
  • stopped innate swimmers from gaining swim skill
  • stopped vegetation from growing on ramps/stairs
  • capped reclaim squad number
  • handled problem with 3D projectile targeting
  • fixed problem with wagon speed
  • fixed a problem with wagon pathing
  • stopped stockpiles from removing liquids on placement
  • stopped square trampling from removing dig designations
  • stopped live vermin from being eaten all the time
  • fixed trap component/anvil metal use issues
  • fixed a few problems with counter offers
  • stopped appointment of leader position
  • fixed a problem with constructed stair placement
  • fixed connectivity problem from ramp digging
  • stopped buildings from destroying ramps/stairs
  • cleaned residual jobs on site saves
  • fixed problem with windows and vision
  • fixed some cases of liquid flows not starting up properly
  • stopped channeling a floor over a constructed wall from leaving empty space
  • stopped floor removal over constructed walls from leaving empty space
  • stopped miasma from escaping coffins
  • fixed lag associated to wilderness creatures
  • tweaked pathfinding
  • fixed lag caused by creatures wandering in liquid