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Dwarf Fortress was released on December 14, 2007.

Various fixes people have been waiting for. Fixed the farm problem from 33e, goblin sieges, mud tracking, made the treeline less annoying, made the missing gemstones available, and lots of other stuff. See the dev log for a complete list.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • added tile support for appointed dwarves
  • made adventure mode travel ambushes happen again
  • made adv mode people talk about surrounding regions again
  • allowed more item types to hauled to the depot
  • made wagon start in selected biome if possible
  • disable mud/blood spreading
  • allowed magma buildings to be built after discovering endgame areas
  • made various types of items capable of destruction by fire
  • made items that are thrown or shot in dwarf mode forbidden


  • tweaked dwarf site entrances
  • consolidated some map event code
  • sped up region information collector
  • sped up freezing water checks

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • made mayor announcement display the proper unit type
  • fixed problem with food storage barrels being brought to restricted piles
  • fixed improper above ground designations
  • stopped inappropriate ambush messages from being generated by cage traps
  • removed pet info from work animals properly
  • fixed bottom of magma pools
  • fixed cliff indicator key
  • added gender check for king consort
  • fixed a few problems with geological layer creation
  • stopped burned corpses from dropping two skeletons
  • stopped dwarves from mining out/removing their own and each other's floor tiles
  • stopped cancelled smoothing jobs from undesignating tile
  • handled snow etc. versus construction removal
  • made engravings go away properly upon channel and other dig jobs
  • fixed laced typo
  • fixed food ingredient value calculation
  • fixed problem with food item descriptions
  • made silk more susceptible to fire damage
  • made ocean waves drop salt water
  • cleaned up some of the eat/get provisions code
  • fixed a possible problem with rot locations
  • stopped production jobs from using dump/melt designated objects
  • homogenized pullers of a given wagon
  • stopped wagon pullers that are also pack animals from being loaded with trade goods
  • made caravan items respect thread/cloth information for bags and other items
  • stopped elves from being pleased with unethical trades
  • stopped wells/grates/hatches from being built in walls and other obstacles
  • corrected idler count vs. meetings
  • changed how tree line works
  • fixed conflict with migrant projectiles and stranded item code
  • stopped full goblin armies from attacking smaller sites
  • fixed problem that made invader AI turn off
  • fixed a burn lag issue