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Dwarf Fortress was released on February 23, 2008.

This is the first Mac release. Barring some tragic mistake, this is also the last bug fix release before the continuation of the Army Arc. Again, this release is made up mostly of small changes that people wanted and some bug fixes for the worst problems introduced during the last release. See the dev log for a complete list.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • extended Mac keyboard support
  • added in eli's Mac sound code
  • did a first pass on PPC endian support for all saved files
  • made movie file I/O OS independent
  • removed defunct *_SETTLEMENTS tags
  • added tag to force clothing/armor item type to appear in entity realization
  • allowed zoom-to-dwarf from the military screen
  • allowed items to be forbidden from the stocks screen
  • added button to go back to main dwarf screen from relationship/unit view
  • added init option to show embark confirmation even if there are no potential problems
  • added init option for pause on autosave
  • refined embark aquifer display
  • removed artifact claiming and hiding (until Artifact Arc)
  • made dwarves place artifact in workshop after creation
  • added option to create world bypassing parameters screen
  • allowed either world dimension to be set to 257 (current), 129, 65, 33 or 17

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • various other Mac tweaks and cross-compile warning code cleaning
  • fixed incorrect thief ambush message
  • stopped artifact engravings from having incorrect symbols
  • made scrolling in room list work properly
  • stopped chats/art appreciation from happening during pause
  • stopped booze food from melting, even though it probably should
  • made furniture changes to room update rent immediately
  • fixed problem causing sneaking thieves not to actively avoid dwarves and other potentially hostile creatures from a distance
  • made thieves and their support groups respect each other
  • fixed problem causing dwarves to target harmless insane people while making evil creatures spare them and babies
  • made falling/pumped water placement respect floors over aquifers
  • cleaned up problem with reclaim squads being placed on edge
  • stopped hunters from being interrupted by their prey
  • made traps safe for friendly outsiders again
  • made dungeon masters happy with their cloaks and boots again
  • stopped coin and temple engravings from referring to future events
  • stopped sale of uncaged small animals to merchants in adv mode
  • stopped goblins and others from being your buddies when you settle on their site after adventure mode
  • stopped swamps from draining into premade dwarven cities
  • made liaison from saves converted from 33g appear
  • fixed a problem with map generation of large caves
  • fixed problem with digging channels in frozen brooks
  • fixed a few problems with plant jobs not being stopped when seasons or settings change
  • fixed problem with screwpumps failing to update connectivity map
  • made all undead respectful of one another
  • made the at-peace-with-wildlife tag work in adventure mode to stop the elf-unicorn conflict
  • forced units on chains to remain on the same z level as the chain unless they stay directly above/below the chain