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Dwarf Fortress was released on July 23, 2008.

This is the third and final fix release, barring any silliness that forces another quick patch.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • added init options/world parameters to show map features during embark
  • added basic site finder to embark
  • allowed scrolling and premature stoppage during world generation
  • added display and other features relating to last seed used by world gen
  • added world gen parameter for minimum cave size
  • added races to historical figure list and event text
  • did more context-based name shortening
  • added ability for speakers to use first person when talking about historical events
  • added various detailed map export options (elevation, temperature, etc.)
  • made the generator skip more of the minimum reject values if presets are present
  • made the generator pop up helpful windows after many rejects and give an option to continue, abort, allow that reject type, or allow all rejects
  • added ability to leave notes on the map in dwarf mode


  • added a few optimizations for rivers and designation job selection

Crash Fixes[edit]

  • fixed crash on large 100 volcanism worlds
  • fixed load crash from nullified items
  • fixed crash from friendship evaluations when stuck merchant animals give birth
  • stopped lockup on artifact creation when 6-7 of the same material are used

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • stopped message spam from repeated animal taming job when no food is available
  • stopped message spam from caging and other jobs when a dwarf is picked that is already leading another animal
  • made dwarves cook quarry leaves properly
  • stopped people from giving quests to kill themselves
  • stopped abandoned stores from being stocked
  • disallowed placement of non-empty bags as container buildings
  • changed insanity text for animals
  • fixed some other minor typos
  • made volcanic shafts that are visible in embark always exit through the surface
  • handled some cavein-at-start cases from pits and volcanos
  • stopped farming restrictions from stopping setting up other seasons
  • stopped dwarves holding a two-handed weapons from seeking another weapon if they are set to carry multiple weapons
  • capitalized first names in trading screens
  • got rid of some erroneous birth date display information
  • allowed resters to get up once they are not wounded
  • allowed resters to move again if they've made bad decisions about where to plop down
  • fixed region rejections from savagery (civs still reject savage regions)
  • made params load the post-region count variables properly
  • stopped ramp removal from highlighting hidden areas for regular dig
  • stopped masterwork ammunition used in weapon traps from making creators go insane
  • stopped removed constructions from removing the floor if another constructed wall is below them
  • made viewing historical event artwork in dwarf mode reveal events
  • stopped double listing of modded MEGABEAST/POWERS in age name