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Dwarf Fortress was released on August 18, 2008.

Here's another one. Hopefully I can transition to some new features next month, since I've been handling technical issues and problems for a while now.

-- Toady One


  • you can save your embark settings for later use
  • added note-taking ability for embark screen
  • added forbid-on-death orders for your corpses, other non-hunted corpses, your items and other items
  • added forbid order for fired projectiles
  • made dwarves prefer to combine items in existing bags/barrels/bins with init options to govern this behavior

Minor Changes[edit]

  • made obsidian an economic stone
  • did some display optimizations

Bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed problem causing site finder to miss areas of the map when hunting for hidden features and rivers
  • stopped new kitchen restrictions on contained items from causing no-ingredient food items
  • stopped new kitchen restrictions on free item from causing silent cancellations of cook jobs
  • fixed problem with up/down windows in adv mode for larger grid sizes
  • changed how fireballs interact with the ground
  • patched up decorated ammo values a bit
  • made cageless traps display properly in all circumstances
  • fixed problem with nobles pushing prices out of the displayable range
  • handled adventurers retired while sleeping
  • fixed display mix-up with FPS/GFPS counter in main dwarf screen
  • fixed problem with cursor scrolling vs. y coord in expanded grids
  • allowed mouse designations to work below y=23
  • stopped the one-step key from messing up pausing when in a menu mode
  • made zombie/skels that die in cages have proper corpses