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This is the artifact release, featuring the ability to send your dwarves off to cause trouble in the world, improved kobold sites, cover identities, artifact questers, and a bit of artifact diplomacy.
—Toady One, November 22, 2017

New stuff[edit]

  • Ability to send out squads to raid sites, rescuing prisoners and recovering artifacts
  • Display cases and pedestals, museum zones, both in forts and other sites
  • Can view the world map w/ rumors from fort mode
  • Artifacts created during worldgen: dwarf moods, named heroic objects, holy relics, heirlooms
  • New artifact events in play and worldgen: questers seek artifacts and ask for or steal them, invaders demand artifacts
  • New historical events associated to the creation of artifacts (used in fort and worldgen)
  • Agents used by civilizations to gather information, can assume cover identities
  • Improved kobold site maps
  • Goblin site denizens demand an identity instead of immediately attacking every stranger
  • More modding control over pets and other animals
  • Adventurer can assume a cover identity at will
  • Adventurer can name their possessions
  • New adventurer reputations related to artifacts
  • New religious activity: monks, pilgrims and prophets
  • Museums and other room types can be added to fort locations like taverns and libraries
  • Various additional data in the XML export

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed weapon trap crash vs. item breakage
  • Fixed bug preventing monster slayers from visiting those forts with monsters to slay
  • Made animated skulls, hair and other bits easier to pulp
  • Made idle and vermin-hunting dwarves come down from trees more successfully
  • Made thirst/hunger and being pushed out of the way less likely to terminate dances

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Alphabetized broad stock screen categories
  • Fixed problem with historical bodies not respecting wounds/processing
  • Fixed bug causing religions to worship too many gods, with duplicates
  • Made simple burrow beasts start in caves as possible
  • Fixed broken historical collection linkage with beast attacks during festivals
  • Fixed one instance of broken animal person greetings
  • Stopped natural animals from w.g. rampaging through sites owned by entities at peace with wildlife
  • Took age into account for w.g. fights vs. body size (e.g. proper dragon size)
  • Stopped people from being enough to satisfy a need to see great beasts
  • Made visitors less nervous about going to neutral locations