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Here's another bug-fix release, ranging into some older issues as well. There's been some work on the raid crash/corruption problem, though I suspect that is ongoing - hopefully the frequency is lessened. I've also done a few quick changes to socializing and stress, but that's a longer project as well. Dwarves clump now in zones and taverns, which should help with the friendship rate, and I've made the most stressable dwarves a little more fixable. One of the major causes of loyalty spirals/civil wars has been handled, and I did some work with hospital rest and diagnosis problems.
Reminder: We'll start coding on the graphical version in a few weeks. We'll still have these bug-fix releases periodically, though there will be an initial gap of some time while I get the core framework done to the point where the artists can use it. But there should be at least one more bug-fix release around the change of the month before that work begins.
—Toady One, February 16, 2020

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Cleaned up equipment tracking issue for returning fort-mode raiders
  • Made historical spies drop possibly divisive cover identities when arriving as regular fort citizens
  • Stopped patients that have been in traction for a week from requiring diagnosis repeatedly
  • Made dwarves inside hospitals return to rest if rest is cancelled
  • Supported doctor's guildhall to fix broken petitions
  • Fixed freeze related to forbidding doors/hatches
  • Fixed crash related to starting modded fort mode critters with natural skills
  • Stopped crash related to artifacts/books placed on adv pack animals
  • Fixed crash related to deleting zones in adv mode site planning
  • Fixed unretirement crash in adv mode
  • Fixed bug causing you to become a different historical figure when unretiring
  • Fixed w.g. crash related to imprisonment by civilizations that have lost their capitals

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Allowed placement of altars in fort mode (they have no specific function yet)
  • Added person-seeking behavior to socialize activity and to jobless milling about in zones
  • Changed stress calculation for high vulnerability personalities
  • Made mummies control tombs more fully so allies couldn't call on zombies to fight themselves
  • Stopped mercenaries from being hired to attack their own forts
  • Fixed problem causing w.g. people to falsely befriend themselves for information
  • Fixed xml log for entities acquiring buildings
  • Fixed xml log for entities breaching the underworld