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This article is about an older version of DF.

Jugs are a type of container, made from ceramic at a kiln, from metal at a metalsmith's forge or magma forge, from glass at a glass furnace, from stone by a stone crafter at a craftsdwarf's workshop, or from wood at a craftsdwarf's workshop. They are used in beekeeping to store royal jelly or at a screw press to store honey or rock nut oil. Jugs made from earthenware need to be glazed before they can be used to hold liquids like honey. Jugs are stored in the Tools section of the Finished Goods stockpile, and managed from the tools section of the Stocks screen.

Jugs are stored in bins. Jugs with royal jelly / honey can be stored in two stockpiles:

  • Finished goods / tools (stored as JUGS)
  • food / extract animal / honey, royal jelly (Stored based on content)

Note: Jugs with royal jelly, that stored as finished goods are NOT used for processing royal jelly, like screw press.