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The necromancer crash was coming up so often in crash reports that I figured now was a good time for another release. Here it is! Note that any old vanilla saves you move over will have a short error log on load for their broken eyelid raws. This isn't a big deal, and you can either update the body detail plan file or just leave it. New saves won't have this problem.

-- Toady One, 06 March 2012

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed crash from necromancers in dwarf mode
  • fixed crash from seed traders that only have access to wool bags
  • stopped adv mode sleeping from sticking you on rooftops and teleporting you outside of castles (underground case not done yet)
  • removed many effects and secret identity from ghosts (vampirism/lycanthropy/necromancer status etc.)

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • traded adv mode items will go to backpack/quiver first depending on type
  • dwarves won't get unhappy thoughts from dead/rotting relatives if their deaths are not known
  • made various animals non-threatening (new saves only -- BENIGN tag can be added to old save raws, see file_changes.txt)
  • stopped untowered necromancers from losing their zombie pops in their camps
  • fixed broken names for bones and other butcher products
  • removed items from abandoned houses/shops
  • allowed adv mode abilities/powers to page through targets
  • vampires no longer blame children/babies
  • fixed broken companion paging/viewing for large numbers of companions
  • stopped undead cats from adopting dwarves
  • messed with crabs/horseshoe crab water behavior
  • disallowed animation of bogeymen (new saves only)
  • changed mule/muskox color
  • fixed a few animal descriptions
  • eyes/eyelids were broken in various ways
  • tweaked appearance of nearly empty sleep bar