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Here is a hauling release. I'm sure it has all kinds of interesting issues -- we're going to iron out problems for the next few releases without embarking on anything major in order to restabilize it. The tile-wise physics causes some oddities on its own (items can't be given a meaningful sub-tile width, so they act a bit strangely if you look at the collisions closely). Dwarves are also a bit enthusiastic with their new bin/barrel jobs -- when they grab a bin/barrel to load it up, it might have objects in it, and that might lead to conflicts/false shortages on occasion. We'll have to continue playing around with it. As far as I can tell, old saves load up fine and have usable minecart/wheelbarrows, so feel free to move your data/save folder over to the new version. You'll notice your old save stone haulers moving slower -- get some wheelbarrows built at the carpenter's for your stone stockpiles to alleviate that problem.

-- Toady One, 14 May 2012

New stuff[edit]

  • Minecarts can be used to haul things around on carved/constructed tracks/bridges (hauling to set up routes)
  • Dwarves can be set to guide, push off, or ride carts that are ready to move to the next stop
  • Track stops used to slow/stop cart and/or dump the contents on vehicle entry, can be disengaged with lever/plate
  • Pressure plates can be triggered by carts
  • Rollers can be used to push cart along when powered
  • Minecarts limited to one per tile in general, various collisions can occur
  • Wheelbarrows can be linked to stockpiles in order to move heavy objects (it'll auto-request one for stone stockpiles)
  • Falling objects can collide with critters
  • Camera can be attached to unit or item, can be linked to hotkeys from the unit/item screens

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Stockpiles can be linked to workshops, can be set to give to multiple piles, can be set to accept items from links only
  • Hauling jobs will often be combined, using one container
  • Heavy items harder to haul
  • Densities/colors updated, based on Uristocrat's data collection thread
  • Can filter creature names in arena
  • Mine drop rates tweaked, no longer skill-based
  • Puzzleboxes/drum makeable
  • Stopped blinking on bridges
  • Projectiles using new code (most non-shot/thrown projectiles) can skip/skid on liquid/ground
  • All flying units use new minecart parabolic flight paths
  • Many projectiles do not resolve in adventure mode before your turn (so you can dodge a flying cart by moving away)
  • Can create/assign to squads from v-p
  • Squads can be given nicknames from v-p or the military screen
  • Fixed broken clay stockpile option