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This article is about an older version of DF.

War is a state of conflict between two civilizations. During Dwarf Fortress mode, it's a bottomless pit of fun.

World Gen[edit]

War is common during world gen; civilizations will attack each other's settlements, occasionally destroying a site or taking it over.

Dwarf Fortress Mode[edit]

In dwarf fortress mode, war will cause sieges to arrive and bring you fun and presents. The hostile nation may attack very occasionally or every year, so be well prepared. Civilizations whom you are at war with may occasionally send a diplomat to try and end the war; you will have the option to agree to the peace treaty, or dismiss the diplomat and continue the war. You can see if you are at war with a civilization on the civilization screen.

Additionally, if your parent civilization is at war or has recently been at war, migrants to your fortress are more likely to have experience in general military skills and a random weapon skill [Verify].

At Embark[edit]

When embarking, one can check to see which races their civ is at war with. Different civs may be at war with different races. Goblins are considered to be in a constant minor conflict with dwarves, instead of a real war.

Causing War[edit]

The following events will make a civilization unhappy, eventually leading to war:

  • The death of a trader (regardless of the cause of death) while visiting your fortress.
  • Failing to keep to the harvesting limit the elves set, if any.
  • Seizing caravans.
  • Annoying traders (such as offering the hippies elves wood products repeatedly).