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Room requirements  
Office Modest Office
Quarters Modest Quarters
Dining room Modest Dining Room
Tomb None
Furniture requirements
Chests 1
Cabinets 1
Weapon racks 1
Armor stands 1
Mandates None
Demands 1
Arrival conditions
  • 20 population
  • Diverse jobs
This article is about an older version of DF.

The manager noble arrives once your population reaches 20 and have completed enough diverse jobs, and is accompanied by the sheriff. The presence of the manager allows you to access the job manager screen and configure workshop profiles.

Once both the manager and bookkeeper have arrived, the economy is activated. Once the broker is also present, the Baron will also arrive soon afterwards.

Much like the Baron from later versions, you must complete a sufficient quantity of various jobs during the previous year in order to trigger the arrival of the Manager. The criteria appear to be 3 of the following: 10 crafting jobs, 10 metal-related jobs, 10 wood-related jobs, 4 gem jobs, 10 stone jobs, 10 food jobs.

Setting up work orders

The Manager screen (u->m or j->m) allows you to set up work orders. This can be handy if you want to specify a precise number of items to be created, more than the few that will fit in a workshop's queue, but not just an indefinite amount, as you'd get by specifying a workshop task as a repeating task. It can also be useful because, although work orders will still be canceled if the raw materials aren't currently available, they will be added back to the workshop queue regularly until the order is finished.

You can add an amount of 30 items maximum to the queue, but you can add twice the order or even more, if you want to mass produce something.