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What is a Token?[edit]

For a modding tutorial, perhaps someone could explain what a 'Token' is and how to use it? Pweeeeze? My five-point rating system: Yay, Kay, Meh, Erm, Gleh 03:20, 9 March 2010 unsigned comment by AngleWyrm

A token is anything in one of the RAW files with brackets around it, like [MEGABEAST] or [AQUIFER], for example. Different objects have different tokens (only creatures use [SIZE:x] tokens, for example) and changing tokens allows you to change behaviour, appearance, location and a lot more of various objects.unsigned comment by Ungulateman
It's a "tag" that the game reads to determine how a thing acts or reacts. They differ quite a bit depending what "thing" you're modding, whether a creature or a plant or a workshop reaction or a stone or a biome, etc. There is an entire sub-forum dedicated to modding" - that's where you should go for a full, personal discussion. Alternately, you could start on the actual token article rather than the page that lists all the pages in that category. --Albedo 11:11, 9 March 2010 (UTC)

Is this page necessary?[edit]

The wiki currently has a few token pages which are all incomplete or otherwise have problems:

  • The Token page which is nice as it collects them with descriptions, but doesn't have a page per version and has missing relevant pages.
  • There are the versioned tokens categories, which has relevant missing pages.
  • Finally there is this category page which is missing a lot of relevant pages and doesn't have a page per version.

I plan to go through all the pages listed in this category and change all their tokens to version specific ones and have them appear in the versioned tokens categories instead of this generic one, but I don't know if the unversioned tokens are serving a purpose. Can I safely make this change?

I'd also like to expand the Token page with any missing pages and make it version specific, but I don't know how.Vattic (talk) 16:38, 27 July 2014 (UTC)