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This article is about the current version of DF.

The dungeon was a subterranean network of rooms and passages that lay beneath the keep of a town. Dungeons were distinct from the other underground structures, the catacombs and sewers, although they occasionally created connections with either. They were usually the first place to explore for most adventurers beginning as hearthpersons in a town, and it provided decent challenge for adventure mode beginners.

Rectangular rooms were joined by narrow corridors and stairways, and loot could be found lying around the rock floors. They did not hold prisoners or criminals in a jail. Outcasts were able to settle and form criminal organizations, with dungeons as their base of operations. Dungeons were thus a common locale for quest objectives.

Dungeons were removed from the game in version 0.47.01, with plans for better replacements in a future update. Interestingly, Legends will sometimes mention particularly unsavory tower tenants adding dungeons as extensions to their dwellings and holding prisoners there, but inspecting these towers in adventure mode currently shows no evidence of such chambers existing. [1]

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Dungeons and dragons may occasionally happen, when a dragon claims a dungeon.

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