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This article is about the current version of DF.

Guilds are organizations established when sufficient members (10 by default in d_init.txt) of your fortress practice the same profession, or professions in the same category. Shortly after establishment, the guild will petition for the construction of a guildhall, where its members will socialize and hold skill demonstrations, slowly training them as if they were a military squad under training orders.

Guildhalls work similarly to barracks and taverns, by providing skill training and some degree of socialization. A guildhall requires 2000 (by default) and Grand Guildhall at 10000 zone wealth to be considered established. A guild with a guildhall was observed establishing connections with other guilds, but with an as of yet unknown effect. If a guildhall petition has been accepted but has not been built after one year, the agreement to establish a guildhall will be abandoned.

While a guild is not established, it can still hold public skill demonstrations for idlers.

Typically, a guild for a general profession category, such as fisherdwarves, farmers, or metalsmiths will be founded first, though if enough dwarves of a specific profession such as furnace operator or weaponsmith are in a fortress, a guild for that specific profession will be founded as well as the more general guild. Dwarves with a profession with its own guild and one for the more general category will be members of both guilds.

The following guilds have been observed to exist:

(This is not currently a comprehensive list. Presumably, there are guilds for all professions in the game, but this requires clarification.)