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This article is about the current version of DF.
Large pot
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  • Storage

Pots, also known as large pots, are containers that function much like barrels, but can be made from materials other than wood or metal, such as stone, ceramic, and glass. Pots are also only 1/4 as heavy[1] as barrels made from the same material, with the same capacity.

This means pots are generally a better storage option than barrels, saving the industry precious dwarf-hours by hauling faster due to lighter containers. Additionally, a metal barrel costs 3 bars, but a metal pot only 1, making metal barrels a vastly less attractive option.

Note, however, that large pots cannot replace barrels in certain situations. Specifically, only barrels can contain milk, and certain extracts. Some workshops also explicitly require a barrel for their construction.

They can be made from stone by a stone crafter at a craftsdwarf's workshop, ceramic at a kiln, glass at a glass furnace, wood at a craftsdwarf's workshop, or metal at a metalsmith's forge. Pots made from stone, stoneware, glass, wood, porcelain, metal, or glazed earthenware are water-tight and can be used to store liquids, and even for brewing. Unglazed earthenware can only be used for storing dry items. Metal pots are made using the metalcrafting skill, as opposed to metal barrels, which use the blacksmithing skill. The game refers to these containers sometimes as "pot" and sometimes as "large pot" but there is no actual distinction. Pots are stored in the Large Pots/Food Storage section of the Furniture stockpile. Pots are visible on the haul-for-trade screen under Tools section.

Material Selection

As with other containers, several factors are relevant in choosing the proper material for making large pots. Namely, availability, value, fire/magma safety, vermin resistance, hippie elf kosherness, and most importantly weight.

But in the case of large pots, stones are typically used chiefly due to their abundance, especially for young outposts. Doing so will conserve wood (likely the only other economic choice) for tasks for which stones cannot be used, such as making beds, bins, bolts, crossbows, charcoal, wheelbarrows, cages, and many other items of various usefulness and importance.

Unless, of course, the embark location has trees aplenty, making it viable to use wood for most everything, including pots, though this obviously requires a sufficient amount of woodcutters, wood crafters, axes, and contempt towards the tree-huggers elves.

Forging and Melting

  • When a pot is melted down, it will return 0.3 metal bars/adamantine wafers for an efficiency of 30%.


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