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This article is about the current version of DF.
Now you will know why you fear the night.

A night creature is a member of a class of hostile creatures. Many of them are generated procedurally, whether as a full creature, through an interaction changing a normal creature, or a mixture of both. Night trolls, which are themselves only a type of night creature, are sometimes also referred to as night creatures.

Each type of night creature is depicted in the game as either a ñ or Ñ of a different color. Some night creatures flash between the Ñ and a basic creature tile, especially undead. The currently existing night creatures are the following:

  • Ñ Night trolls, which abduct certain civilized creatures of the opposite gender, transform them into a spouse, and mate with them.
  • ñ Bogeymen, which ambush lone travelers at night, chasing them relentlessly until the victim can retreat indoors or manages to survive until daylight. Unlike other night creatures, bogeymen do not have individual histories—rather, they are generated when needed in adventure mode.
  • Ñ Ghosts, the restless spirits of the dead that weren't properly memorialized. Depending on circumstances, they can interact with the living in various ways.
  • Ñ Animated dead are the walking corpses and corpse parts that arise in evil regions or under the thrall of a necromancer or mummy. Particularly evil regions may also transform living creatures into thralls or husks via their unusual weather. They flash between their night creature tile and their basic creature tile.
  • Ñ Necromancers are historical figures that have found the secrets of life and death, becoming immortal and gaining the ability to animate the dead.
  • Ñ Disturbed dead are the dead rulers of civilizations, interred in tombs and occasionally interred in catacombs. They will arise if disturbed and lay curses on the trespasser.
  • Ñ Werebeasts are people cursed by the gods for profaning their temples, or those to whom they transferred that curse. At the full moon, they will transform into a ravenous monster based off a random creature.
  • Ñ Vampires are undead blood-drinkers (usually spawned by divine wrath, as with werebeasts) that can pass for living humanoids, moving on when suspicion of them grows too much. Occasionally they might start immortality cults instead, and might make a bid to seize power over a whole civilization.

Planned night creatures

In addition to the existing night creatures, and plans to expand them, Dwarf Fortress Talk #14 reveals future plans for other types of night creatures, which are as follows:

  • Ñ Stalkers, undead that rise from brutal killings and executions, taking on aspects related to their death.
  • Ñ Intelligent undead - independent, intelligent corporeal undead that do not fit into other categories. Intelligent undead will be added in the next version (post 0.44.12), in which they will be raised by necromancers and certain other beings to help with plots of conquering the world, according to dev logs and Future of The Fortress replies on the Bay 12 Forums. They will be given certain powers, such as syndrome attacks, controlling the weather, and repelling other creatures.
  • Ñ Constructed creatures. These are creatures like Frankenstein's monster, with mismatched limbs, sutures, and grafted weapons.
  • Ñ Animated furniture, to be found in certain haunted houses, making sounds, moving about, and attacking the unwitting soul entering them. They will flash between their night creature tile and their basic item tile.
  • Ñ Various sorts of evil beasts, such as evil rotten capybaras or evil animated trees.
  • Ñ Monsters of the sea, including aquatic hags and trolls such as Grendel, as well as monstrous sea creatures such as evil carp.
  • Ñ Cursed people of the sea, such as undead pirates or seafarers.
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