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This article is about the current version of DF.

Tavern keepers are an assigned occupation at taverns. They can be assigned in the Locations and Occupations menu (l), and will serve drinks to visitors in tavern locations. At the moment, there is no charge for drinks, but this may be changed in the future with the reintroduction of the dwarven economy.

Assigning a tavern keeper enables visitors to share rumors when served a drink.

Serving Drinks

Placing a container within a tavern zone will store goblets, reserved for the use of the tavern keeper. Booze stockpiled within a tavern zone will be served with stored goblets to dwarves and visitors by tavern keepers given the "Fulfill Service Order" job. (when serving visitors, rumors may be shared)

Tavern keepers can be useful to keep your dwarves' need for alcohol satisfied, even if they become a night creature.

Be careful though to not assign too many tavern keepers to your tavern, otherwise, they might serve your dwarves more alcohol than even a dwarven liver can handle.

In Adventure mode, rather than buying drinks as they would trade for any other item, the player can request a drink after selecting the "Ask about available services, drinks, rooms, etc." option while speaking with a tavern keeper and pay however much they owe later at their leisure through the "Trade or settle debts" dialogue option.