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'''Walruses''' are [[amphibious]] [[creature]]s who can be found in [[arctic]] [[ocean]]s, in groups of 3 to 7 individuals. They are 25 times the size of a [[dwarf]] but are shy and benign, preferring to flee from attackers than try and fight them, which makes them relatively easy prey for a [[hunter]]. In the event they do fight back, a walrus will defend itself by attempting to stab the enemy with their tusks. An infant walrus is called a ''walrus calf''.
The '''walrus''' is immediately recognized by its prominent tusks, whiskers and great bulk. Adult animals can weigh up to 1,500 kilograms. They are social animal living in groups from 3 to 7 (in real life there are hundreds of them in a group).
Walruses can be captured in [[cage]] [[trap]]s and [[Animal trainer|trained]] into valuable [[pet]]s. Because of their large size and fairly long lifespan, they can serve as a good source of exotic livestock in a [[meat industry]], with their tusks serving as a source of [[ivory]]. If you try and breed them, note that it takes a walrus five years to reach its full size, considerably longer than most [[domestic animal]]s.
Their sheer size and their huge tusks are making them inveterate enemies.
Some dwarves [[Preferences|like]] walruses for their ''tusks'' and their ''whiskers''.
A walrus can be tamed by an [[Animal trainer|animal trainer]]
[[File:Walrus Cows and Yearlings on Ice.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Admired for their ''tusks''.]]
[[File:Walrus Cows and Yearlings on Ice.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Walruses in snow.]]

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