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Dwarf Fortress, due to a combination of its insane level of complexity and minimal artistic depiction, attracted the attention of various webcomic writers and artists - detail-minded folk, often attracted to games, and with very active imaginations. These webcomic 'strippers have immortalized Dwarf Fortress, sometimes as individual episodes in their ongoing webstrips, sometimes as brand-new webcomics devoted entirely to Dwarf Fortress.

A Dwarf Fortress comic

Graphic sagas

The Littlest Cheesemaker

The Littlest Cheesemaker is an illustrated interactive story chronicling the adventures of Mistêm "Wheeldream" Kolnåzom (Misty) on her quest to become a legendary cheesemaker.

Losing Is Fun

Losing Is Fun is an interactive webcomic about a kobold on a quest to steal an artifact dagger from a dwarf fortress. (Currently Ongoing)


Bronzemurder is an epic illustrated saga by Tim Denee, concerning a forgotten beast.


Oilfurnace is another Dwarf Fortress illustrated saga by Tim Denee, and printed in the July 2010 issue of PCPowerplay magazine, an Australian gamer mag, making it the first Dwarf Fortress comic in print. (Warning: contains minor spoilers)

Adventures of Likot Udendeb

Adventures of Likot Udendeb is an illustrated, interactive saga originating from Russian Dwarf Fortress-centered imageboard DFach. The story is written and illustrated by several anonymous contributors based on suggestions of the imageboard's users. Starting as a story of one completely ordinary dwarf and his cruel fate of being the hero, it eventually evolved into an epic saga with multiple arcs, various characters and global setting that's loosely based on Dwarf Fortress game mechanics rich with DF-related memes and influence of general Russian imageboard culture. Permanently in indefinite state of being written/frozen and is being translated (badly) from Russian with a certain lag. Admired for its flexible storyline and several animated episodes.

Matul Remrit (Bravemule)

Matul Remrit is a tale of a band of dregs who struggle to build their new home amidst strife, internal politics, and a scourge of elf attacks.


Thabostobok A fully illustrated comic based on a DF game session.

Ongoing Dwarf Fortress webcomics

Ongoing webcomics primarily about Dwarf Fortress.


Bridgedflickered is a yonkoma-style strip by Lee Keegan, chronicling a playthrough of Dwarf Fortress.

Revenge of the FUN

Revenge of the FUN is a comic series about dwarves striking the earth, and the FUN striking back, in all outrageous fashions.

The Chronicles of Boatmurdered

The Chronicle of Boatmurdered is an illustrated version of the infamous succession game Boatmurdered, with art by Deon. The webcomic began in November 2009 and stopped unfinished in May 2010.

Dwarf Fortress: Histories of...*

Dwarf Fortress: Histories of...* is a DF chronicle with art and story by Elthar. The webcomic began in July 2010 and died after six pages.


Effigies is a character-driven world-building webcomic by Fault, based on Dwarf Fortress Adventure mode. The comic began in November 2009 and was ongoing, updating on a rough weekly schedule. It currently lays dormant.


http://df-kittyproblem.smackjeeves.com/ Short comic created by two brothers about the dangers of catsplosion. Story began on 2nd Sep.

Ask Amxu

Oi, My name is Amxu Osmösprosusm. I'm a goblin and I work as a compulsory freelance social worker for the dwarves in my region. I'm always happy to answer questions for the curious.

Lord of the Dwarfs

Lord of the Dwarfs is a webcomic produced by Dawn Somewhere about a group of dwarves attempting to find their way back to their fortress after an unusual encounter with HFS

One-off Dwarf Fortress webcomics

Ongoing webcomics that are not primarily about Dwarf Fortress, but which have a few Dwarf Fortress episodes. The relevant strips are linked to here:

The Chapel

Has a few Dwarf Fortress comics, more popular in the Paradox community [1]


In the subsection 200 Bad Comics, numbers 56, 75 and 76 are about Dwarf Fortress, mainly the goblin menace.


A manga-influenced webcomic by Josué Pereira. Included a brief Dwarf Fortress arc: 352 370 371


Created this comic about the game's motto, "losing is fun" : http://twistedspeedo.com/?p=478

Three Panel Soul

3PS Dorf T-shirt

This sequel comic to MacHall gives us five Dwarf Fortress strips, On Dwarven Fortresses, On Trade Goods, On Mixed Economies, and On Learning Curve. Illustrated DF patch notes. The first three comics deal with typical Dwarf Fortress fun, such as catsplosion, stereotypical dwarven literal-mindedness, and the Dwarven economy. The fourth concerns a new player's introduction to the game.

The Dwarf Fortress comics were so popular, they spawned a related t-shirt (see picture on right).


A series of one-off, irregularly updated panel-style comics using altered ASCII graphics.

Individual webcomics

Webcomics done by an individual who does not maintain their own regular ongoing webcomic or site, organized by artist/author if known. Links may become unusable unless these webcomics are archived!


Created a brief comic episode about fell moods: 1

Lord Licorice

Creates comics based around the Dwarf Fortress mod Kobold camp, mainly posted at Facepunch. Kobold House, Kobold Thief, Kobold and the Moon, and Goblin Fortress.


Creator of the infamous Cheese Engraver comic posted at the top of the page, as well as this one: Miner Cancels Drink.


Created this comic about the Bronze colossus: 1.

Unknown Creator

An awesome comic about fun: 1.

A comic about Elf diplomacy: 2.

Defeated Webcomics

These are links to comics that once were, but now are not. They are lost in the great wasteland of The Barren 404 Desert.


PixelPainted A Dwarf Fortress Adventure is a flash comic by Glyphgryph, and based on a Choose Your Own Adventure-style suggestion thread. The webcomic began in September 2009 and is currently on hiatus.

Dead: December 2014

Strike the Earth!

Strike the Earth! by Ran was begun in November 2009, this comic tells the epic story of the Sunderclasp. The Dwarfs hit the usual stumbling blocks of being in a sinister terrain, including facing undead wildlife.

Dead: December 2014

I'm Not Mad

A 3D model comic with three Dwarf Fortress strips, Dwarf Fortress: Overachiever,Dwarf Fortress: Work Music, and Dwarf Fortress: Suspicion. The first comic deals with Hidden Fun Stuff, while the second deals with tantrums.

Dead: July/August 2015

Dwarven Trail

Dwarven Trail: A Dwarf Fortress Comic was a sprite comic by Matthew (Opirian) Tracy. It used RPG Maker VX for the graphics, which mimicked some of the popular Dwarf Fortress graphic sets. It followed the journey to and establishment of a new fortress. Urist was a recurring character. The comic was hosted on a couple different sites at times, but they seem to no longer be available or safe; the forum post appears to provide all the pages, albeit with hosting watermarks. The Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive seems to only include page 9.

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