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Four-Hoofed Mammals-------------------------------------------------

Horse Mule Donkey Pronghorn Dwarf Pronghorn Bison Mountain Goat Muskox Moose Stag Moose Elk Mule Deer White-tailed Deer Caribou Javalina (Collared Peccary) Quagga (Ex) - similar to a zebra Tarpan (Ex) - Asian wild horse Zebra Aurochs/Uri Perissodactyla, the odd-toed ungulates

Horse (already included) Donkey (already included) Onager Kiang Zebra Tapir Rhinoceros


Pygmy Hog Bushpig Bearded Pig <--- VERY DWARFY! ACTUALLY HAS A BEARD! Red River Hog Domestic Pig (Can just call it a Pig) Giant Forest Hog <--- Since we may have giant versions of animals anyway, may just want to call these "Forest Hogs". Warthog Pygmy hippo


Argali Domestic Sheep (Can just call it a Sheep) Mouflon Urial Bighorn Sheep Dall Sheep Snow Sheep


Platypus Echidna


Opossum Quoll (could maybe be used as stand-in for the inconveniently named Tasmanian devil) Spotted-tail Quoll Numbat Bilby Lesser Bilby (Ex) Bandicoot Koala Wombat Sugar glider Ringtail possum Grey Kangaroo Red Kangaroo Thylacine (Ex)


Marsh Rice Rat Montane Hutia (Ex) Pika Springhare Beaver Kangaroo rat Mountain beaver Dormouse Giant squirrel Red squirrel Gray squirrel Flying squirrel Tricolored squirrel Spiny squirrel (marmots/groundhogs are adequately covered in vanilla, I think) Prairie dog Ground squirrel Chipmunk Jerboa Mara Cavy / guinea pig Capybara Chinchilla Nutria/coypu Porcupine Blind mole rat Naked mole rat Gerbil Hamster Water mouse Water rat Marsh rat Tree rat Field mouse Deer mouse Vole Muskrat Lemming

Fancy Rodents----------------------------------------------

Pika Cottontail Volcano rabbit, too dwarfy to exclude Generic rabbit Generic hare Mountain hare, larger range than the Snowshoe and otherwise similar


Generic lemur Mouse lemur Wooly lemur Sportive lemur Angwantibo Potto Slender loris Slow loris Galago/bushbaby


Tarsier Marmoset Tamarin Capuchin Squirrel monkey Night monkey Saki Uakari Titi Howler monkey Spider monkey Woolly monkey Vervet monkey Guenon Macaque (I know we all love the rhesus macaque, but it's arguably too specific) Mangabey Baboon (mandrills are already present) Colobus, Gray langur Lutung Surili Douc Snub-nosed monkey Proboscis monkey


- Striped hyena - Brown hyena - Aardwolf Meerkat - Small, highly social and very lovable critters who live in large colonies in savannah. River Otter \ mustelid Sea Otter \ mustelid Wolverine \ mustelid Badger \ mustelid Ocelot \ feline Bobcat \ feline African Wild Dog \ canine Felids

(many large cats already included) Leopard cat Fishing cat Lynx (including bobcat?) Ocelot Serval Caracal Snow leopard Feliformia (misc.)

Linsang Civet Genet Hyena Aardwolf Fossa Mongoose Meerkat Canids

Jackal Coyote Gray wolf (presumably already included) Red wolf Generic fox (already included) Fennec fox Raccoon dog Pinnipeds

Walrus (already included) Sea lion Fur seal Monk seal Elephant seal Generic seal Bears

Panda Grizzly bear (already included) Kodiak bear Brown bear Polar bear (already included) Black bear (already included) Sun bear Musteloids

Red panda Skunk River otter Sea otter Badger Wolverine Weasel Marten Raccoon Coati Ringtail



Golden mole Tenrec Elephant shrew / sengi Aardvark Hyrax Elephant (already included) Dugong Manatee


Armadillo Three-toed sloth Two-toed sloth Anteater Giant anteater Silky anteater


Hedgehog Moonrat


Generic mole Star-nosed mole Shrew Solenodon (venomous)



Perissodactyla, the odd-toed ungulates

Horse (already included) Donkey (already included) Onager Kiang Zebra Tapir Rhinoceros


Bats "Chiroptera" Lot of species here but the reasonably condensed list goes:

Fruit bats (what you probably picture when you think of vampires) Sac-winged bats (little bit lighter, have pheromone sacks on their wings and short tails.) Bumblebee bat (has the nose that looks like a pig. Small enough that it almost has to be vermin and should maybe be omitted.) Horseshoe bats (they have a little doodlebop on their noses shaped like a horseshoe or leaf.) Slit faced bats (they've got a split down the middle of their face and their tails end in a T. Also have a nose-leaf) Ghost bat (has a membrane that makes it look like a ghhost and is otherwise shaped like a vampire bat but eats insects. No tail.) Vesper bats (common bat.) Pallid bats (vesper bats with big eyes and ears, probably omit.) Free tail bats (Might want to just do Western mastiff bat because it's so big, for a bat.) Funnel Ear Bats Sucker Foot bats Fisherman bats (they've got food pouches in their face- also called bulldog bats.) Mystacinidae (These spend a lot of time walking instead of flying and can tuck away their wings. Only one species still around.) Moustache bats (these are the commercial guano producers because they have such huge colonies.)

-and holy crap leaf nose bats. Probably just make one creature for these but really common


Cetaceans - Baleen Whales

Bowhead whale Right whale Minke whale Blue whale Fin whale Humpback whale Gray whale Pygmy right whale

Cetaceans - Toothed Whales

Common dolphin Pygmy killer whale Pilot whale Right whale dolphin Snubfin dolphin Orca Melon-headed whale Tucuxi Humpback dolphin Spotted dolphin Bottlenose dolphin Beluga Narwhal Finless porpoise Generic porpoise Sperm whale Dwarf sperm whale River dolphin Beaked whale

Giant infodump------------------------------------------------


Llama Guanaco Vicuna Alpaca


Four-horned antelope Water buffalo Banteng Guar Yak Cow (already included) Buffalo Bison Duiker Various "false" antelopes with uninteresting differences Oryx Gazelle Saiga Dik-dik Gerenuk Klipspringer Pygmy antelope (actually called a royal antelope for some reason) Takin Goat Markohr Ibex Tahr Argali Sheep Bighorn sheep Thinhorn sheep (same as Dall sheep, but less problematic name) Urial Bharal Mountain goat (already included) Chamois Lechwe Reedbuck Impala Bontebok Gnu/wildebeest

Way too many bovids. I tried to only include the ones that were interesting or at least had cool names. (credit goes again to Fieari, I checked the bovids against his previous list of sheep to make sure I hadn't missed any)


Muntjac Red deer Elk (already included) Spotted deer Fallow deer Water deer White-tailed deer Mule deer Brocket deer / mazama Pudu Roe deer Moose Caribou

The white-tailed, mule, roe, and brocket deer all look so similar to me that I think they could be merged into a single generic deer, but maybe some deer fanatics would object. Any thoughts? (also, credit to Rainseeker's list of four-hoofed mammals, which I checked against)

Other Ruminants

Giraffe Okapi Musk deer Pronghorn Mouse deer


Ostrich Emu Cassowary Kiwi Rhea Tinamou

Emperor Penguin Brush-Tailed Penguin Crested Penguin Banded Penguin Yellow-eyed Penguin Little Penguin

Duck Goose Chicken Turkey Sandpiper \ wading bird Great Blue Heron \ wading bird Sandhill Crane \ wading bird Ibis \ wading bird Geese* \ water fowl Swan* \ water fowl Mallards \ water fowl Coot* \ water fowl Ostrich \ flightless Emu \ flightless Barn Owl\ owl Great Horned Owl\ owl Turkey \ land fowl Chickens \ land fowl

Hooded Pitohui (Pitohui Dichrous): -Variable Pitohui (Pitohui kirhocephalus): -White-bellied Pitohui (Pitohui incertus): -Rusty Pitohui (Pitohui ferrugineus): -Crested Pitohui (Pitohui cristatus): -Black Pitohui (Pitohui nigrescens): -Brown Pitohui (LOST)


Gharial Caiman Black caiman (much bigger)


Terrapin turtle (SCARY!) Gopher tortoise Giant tortoise (stand-in for Galapagos tortoise and other large tortoises) Sea turtle Leatherback turtle Snapping turtle Musk turtle Snakeneck turtle Box turtle Painted turtle Softshell turtle


Elapids (Cobras)

     * Snouted Cobra
     * Spitting Cobra
     * Forest Cobra
  * Water Cobra
  * Coral Snake
  * Tree Cobra
  * Burrowing Cobra (aka Many-Banded Snake, which sounds like an awesome name)
  * King Cobra
  * False Water Cobra
     * Green Mamba (less aggressive)
     * Black Mamba (very aggressive)
  * Copperhead
  * Krait


  Pit Vipers
     * Moccasin
     * Jumping Pitviper
     * Palm Pitviper
     * Forest Pitviper
     * Lancehead
     * Hundred-Pace Pitviper (aka Snorkle Viper)
     * Bushmaster
     * Rattlesnake
     * Temple Viper
  * Night Adder 
  True Vipers
     * Bush Viper
     * Puff Adder
     * Horned Viper
     * Desert Viper
     * Asp
     * Rock Viper
     * Meadow Viper

Colubrids (Rear-Fanged)

  * Boomslang
  * Tree Snake
  * Vine Snake / Whip Snake
  * Cat Snake
  * Mangrove Snake 

Reticulated python, needs no introduction Cave python, amalgam of two interesting cave-dwelling pythons Black-headed python White-lipped python Green tree python, striking appearance


Boa constrictor Rubber boa, some notable behaviors Green anaconda, another huge one Yellow anaconda, for contrast I guess Rainbow boa, interesting appearance

Also a couple extra venomous snakes I thought worthy of inclusion:

Sidewinder Cottonmouth a.k.a. water moccasin


Monitor Lizard \ lizard Arboreal Iguana\ lizard Marine Iguana \ lizard


Common Frog Moor Frog Marsh Frog Pool Frog Edible Frog American Bullfrog Leopard Frog Bicoloured Frog Tailed Frog Firebellied Toad Midwife Toad New Zealand Primitive Frog Long-Nosed Horned Frog Garlic Toad Parsley Frog Clawed Frog Starfingered Toad Burrowing Toad Spadefoot Toad Marsupial Frog Hairy Frog Gold Frog Natterjack Toad Cane Toad


Marine Fish: Kingfish Tarpon Wahoo Ballyhoo Mullet Mahi Mahi Pompano* Parrotfish* Humphead Wrasse Grunion Triggerfish*

Freshwater Fish: Silversides* Red tailed Catfish Blue Catfish Walking Catfish Channel Catfish Pacu* Piranha* Crappie* Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Peacock Bass Bluegill Guppy Minnow

Sharks: Hexanchiformes

Frilled shark Sixgill shark

Sharks: Squaliformes

Gulper shark Kitefin shark (historically used for meat, liver oil, and leather) Pygmy shark Cookiecutter shark (notable for eating its own teeth and generally acting like an asshole) Bramble shark Black dogfish Dwarf lanternshark Smooth lanternshark Velvet belly lanternshark Green lanternshark (could that name have been accidental? also hunts in packs) Rough shark Portuguese dogfish (recommend name "scaly dogfish" or "hollowscale dogfish" based on construction of scientific name. also economically significant) Sleeper shark (big, has antifreeze in its tissues, eats dolphins whole) Gray shark (even bigger, has role in Inuit legend, and: "More recently, a reputable Canadian wildlife biologist reported observing a Greenland Shark exploding from the water with a tremendous splash, grasping a near-shore Caribou by the (obviously startled) face, dragging it — kicking and bugalling — into the water, and then eating it.")

Spiny dogfish (poisonous spines, food source)

Sharks: Sawsharks


Sharks: Angelsharks


Sharks: Bullhead Sharks

Horn shark (poisonous spines used for jewelry, bites harder for its size than any other shark) Bullhead shark

Sharks: Carpet Sharks

Nurse shark Tawny nurse shark Bamboo shark Epaulette shark Wobbegong (great name, used for meat and leather) Collared carpetshark Whale shark Zebra shark

==============================================ARACHNIDS & ALLIES======================================

Atlantic Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus): -Mangrove Horseshoe Crab (Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda): -Costal Horseshoe Crab (Tachypleus gigas): -Japanese Horseshoe Crab (Tachypleus tridentatus):



Sponge Crab - Belliidae Family

Hand Crab - Calappidae

Box Crab - Atelecyclidae

Face Crab - Cancridae

"Edible" Crab (maybe Pie Crab) - Master Crab - Fan Crab - Cheriagonidae

Horsehair Crab - Goneplacidae

Square Crab - Majidae

Spiny Crab - Snow Crab - Spider Crab - Queen Crab - Arrow Crab - Portunidae

Blue Crab - Green Crab - Swimming Crab - Witch Crab - Flower Crab - Potamidae

Coin Crab - Xanthidae

Boxer Crab - Varunidae

Mitten Crab - Ocypodoidea - my favorites

Ghost Crabs - Fiddler Crab - Soldier Crab -

Gecarcinidae Land Crabs

Hermit Crab - - needs a way to handle shells "Coconut" Crab (or Robber Crab - - damn huge Moon Crab -

Hexipodidae Outliers

Red King Crab - Another King Crab - - needs a good name Another King Crab - - ditto Porcelain Crab - - will also need anemones

* Man Of War
 * Box Jellyfish
 * Lion's Mane Jellyfish
 * Crown Jellyfish (technically a classification, but a small one) 
==========================Unorganized Australian Animals - (help with this)=============================

Long-nosed Potoroo (Wallaby Rat) Quokka Dingo White-footed Rabbit-rat (Ex) Short-tailed Hopping Mouse (Ex) River Dolphin - Friendly river animals, something not likely to maul fishermen Giant Elk - Nonlocational name for the Irish Elk, one of the largest deer with the largest set of antlers Thylacine - already mentioned, the Tasmanian Tiger Kakapo - Not extinct, but it's the largest parrot, flightless and has unique mating rituals

Cephalopod Greater Blue Ringed Octopus Mimic Octopus (perhaps different castes for it's different mimics?) North Pacific Giant Octopus (but I guess the North Pacific part can be left out)

========================Unorganized Extinct Animals - (help with this)=================================

Flores Cave Rat (Ex) - this would be fun for caves Steller's Sea Cow - Weird! Perfect for DF. Wouldn't it be hilarious to be attacked by skeletal sea cows? Emperor Rat (Ex)

Birds Dodo (Ex) Elephant Bird (Ex) Passenger Pigeon (Ex) Kakapo

=====================================Just Plain Unorganized==============================================

various nudibranch (seaslugs), and nudibranchmen

  • Mantis shrimp (giant mantis shrimp should be *deadly*)
  • tardigrades (water bears) (even the vermin kind might be "huge tardigrade")
  • coconut crab
  • star nosed mole
  • naked mole rat
  • bombardier beetle (material breath very hot liquid!)
  • Onychophor (Velvet worm) (These are awesome! Also, they spit glue as a weapon! if toady made the name (just name, not behavior) of the GCS web attack customizabe it'd work perfectly)
  • whip scorpion/vinegarroon
  • sunfish
  • nemertea (ribbon worms)
  • crinoid (sea lilies)
  • Amblypygi (whip spiders)
  • Liopleurodon (ex) (these are freking hardcore)
  • Glyptodont (lately ex) (DF will NOT be complete until it has these, think stegosaurus, but 10 times the awesome and probably lived alongside humans.)
  • carnivorous kangaroo (ex) (cant remember the real name, lived in australia long ago, ferocious)

Stone fish Sea snake Coral Crown of thorns starfish Grouper Sea sponge