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MOD This page includes mods. The content is not part of normal DF as released. Changing game files can sometimes cause unexpected results, and should always be done with care and caution.

A display case is a building that shows off the fruits of your fortress in a way your dwarves can appreciate. To build it takes one block, one clear glass box, and one object to display; the displayed object is both protected from thieves and added to the value of the room and the fortress. Unfortunately, dwarves will not admire the object directly like they might built furniture, but it's still better than stuffing those legendary amulets and figurines into a bin.

This mod was originally created by user kaypy on the forum, and serves as a great introduction to modding.

To install the mod, add this workshop to your raw/objects/building_custom.txt file:

Then, in raw/objects/entity_default.txt add this line under [ENTITY:MOUNTAIN]:


That's it. Now every dwarven civilization you generate will be able to create "display case" buildings. (Note that generating a new world is necessary to pick up the changes to the mountain entity; if you want to add display cases to an existing world you can "re-purpose" the soap makers workshop or screw press workshops.) To build a display case, use b, w, D.