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This template is to be used on all pages that are game version specific.
This will (when I wake up in the morning) contain:
#Documentation regarding how to edit this template properly.
To use this template simply add {{tl|av}} to the top of an article.
#A more detailed explanation of the current version and out of date messages. With links to process pages perhaps?
==="There's a new version! What do I do?"===
If the version is major enough to warrant a new namespace (this will have been determined by the community), then the most important thing to do is update [[df:current|this page]] with the newest namespace. This will cause all the templates to show the proper current/outdated message.
The second thing to do is update the [[Template:ArticleVersion|ArticleVersion template]]. This template is widely used and quite complicated; please do not attempt to modify it unless you are very familiar with wiki template code. Instead, please post an update request on its [[Template talk:ArticleVersion|talk page]].
[[User:Emi|Emi]] 05:54, 17 March 2010 (UTC)
A list of templates that need to be updated in each major version can be found [[DF:Major version checklist|here]].
<includeonly>[[Category:Version templates]]</includeonly>
<noinclude>[[Category:Template Documentation]]</noinclude>

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