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<includeonly>{{creature/variation links/0|sep={{{sep|-}}}|ns={{#switch:{{NAMESPACE}}|DF2012=DF2012|#default=cv}}|{{Creature/basename|{{{1|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }} }}</includeonly><noinclude>
<includeonly>{{creature/variation links/0|sep={{{sep|-}}}|ns={{#switch:{{NAMESPACE}}|DF2012=DF2012|#default=cv}}|{{Creature/basename|{{{1|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }} }}</includeonly><noinclude>{{creature/case notice}}

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Bat: Bat - Bat man - Giant bat

Bat man: Bat - Bat man - Giant bat

Giant bat: Bat - Bat man - Giant bat

Ant man: Ant

Giant giraffe: Giraffe - Giraffe man - Giant giraffe

Giant badger: Badger - Badger man - Giant badger

Rat: Rat - Rat man - Large rat - Giant rat

Panda: Panda - Panda man - Gigantic panda

Squid: Squid - Squid man - Gigantic squid

Case sensitivity examples


Harp seal:

To do

Fix errant links:

NOTE: the automatic variation information can be overridden by passing a "vary" parameter to creaturelookup/0. Passing a value of "no" will disable variation information; all other passed values will be displayed in the variation box.

Links that link to non-creatures

Fire man: Fire - Fire man

Magma man:

Plump helmet man: Plump helmet - Plump helmet man

I think I've got all the odd "man" creature pages fixed...

Confirmed, Amethyst man and blood man work correctly

Creatures that produce unwanted text

Giant: Giant

Other incorrect parsing of variations (including redlinks, missing creatures, etc.)

Giant tortoise: - Giant tortoise - Gigantic tortoise(Giant tortoise man is missing)

Note: Giant tortoise man does contain links to other correct variations, but not to itself.

Giant mantis: Mantis - Mantis man - Giant mantis (Both "giant" and "man" are parsed out)