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> Hello, I am Frango Nicolbidok, or Nicolbidok for short.
> The Common Language Translation(CLT, not to be mistooken for "Clutter,") for Nicolbidok is "Afteracts."
> It is I who have scowered the tundras in search for wolves and yetis. I've searched for the Mountain Halls from which my origins are from.
> I've been around the world and back. I've killed countless goblins and recruited many dwarves to fight by my side. Dragons and Rocs have fallen dead to my might.
> Humans have been at my mercy for more times than can be counted.
> In the beginning of the year 126, 7 dwarves embarked on journey. They called themselves Afteracts. They established a fortress named Alaksedil, or in CLT, Aceangel.
> I've traveled here and stayed as a guest. Food rarely runs out, and there's always a source of water. The water never freezes over, it's perfect here. We became a county as of last year.
> Sieges--They're constant, but we've got enough traps to hold back entire groups of enemies.
> Soon, we'll be the capital of the nation. Last year, a goblin seige killed off our dwarven traders, so the chance to offer our goods was closed until next year.