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Thoughts and Preferences

Friendly Fire

Eagle of Fire is quite pleased about making an artifact. He was able to rest and recuperate lately. He played some Dwarf Fortress recently. He admired own copy of the game recently. He slept in a fine bedroom recently. He ate in a nice dining room recently. He has been satisfied at work recently. He been accosted by spam recently. He has been happy about reverting and reporting spam lately. He has been actively hunting for spammers recently. He was pleased about the completion of own project recently.

Eagle of Fire likes good computer games, strategy games in general and chess for it's challenge. He can be seen in several sites all over the internet, especially on Abandonia, Abandonia Reloaded and LSN sites. He likes to contribute whenever he can, but have the tendency of being perceived as aggressive and/or as someone who can't get his point across diplomatically due mainly to a difference of native language. Eagle of Fire prefers to speak French whenever he can. He dislike disorder and particularly hate spammers (bots in particular) and will hunt them down if necessary. He dislikes Java and will use it only when absolutely necessary. He loathes Flash and would prefer to kill instead of using it on his own computer.

Eagle of Fire is happy working outdoor and complain only mildly about inclement weather. He loathe alcohol and would never consider it to get thru the working day.